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You are valuable to us and we need you to complete your requirements to be a University of MD Extension Volunteer!  You will not be enrolled as a volunteer without having completed your training (part 1 & 2) and completing all the documentation that accompanies it.  This applies to leaders of special interest groups as well as clubs.  If you are not sure of your status, please call the Donna Mohler at 301-934-5403 or email her ar to get it straight.  Continuing volunteers must complete enrollment forms each year to remain a recognized volunteer.

Clubs, Groups, Chartering, and Financial Resources

**Updated Checklists and Timelines coming soon!


Resources for Chartering for Clubs


Resources for Chartering Authorized Groups


In and After School Chartering/Re-chartering Information


Military Chartering/Re-chartering Information


Resources for 4-H Club Charter Renewal


Resources for 4-H Group Charter Renewal


EIN 990N Resources


Financial Resources


Fundraising Fact Sheets


Club Leaders Resource Materials

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