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Animal Project Requirements

Maryland 4-H On-Line Animal Husbandry & Quality Assurance (AH&QA) Program

All Maryland 4-H members enrolled in alpacas, beef, dairy, goats, horse and pony, poultry, sheep, swine and rabbits are required to complete the Maryland 4-H On-Line Animal Husbandry & Quality Assurance (AH&QA) Program to be eligible to exhibit their project animals in Maryland County 4-H and State 4-H Shows. This program is offered to help youth who participate in 4-H animal projects in Maryland learn about the importance of caring for, grooming and showing their animals in safe and ethical ways.

4-Hers are required to complete the on-line training program when they reach each 4-H age division (juniors (8-10), intermediates (11-13), seniors (14-18) - all as of January 1 of the current year) OR when an Intermediate or Senior 4-H member chooses to show a new species since last completing the program within their age division they must return to program and complete the program for the new species area. (The Junior program does not have species specific sections like the Intermediate/Senior program does).

Complete the Maryland 4-H Quality Assurance Online Training Program  - available online starting Mid-March and is closed July 31.  You must have a current certificate on file as you move from Junior, to Intermediate to Senior.  

The QA program must be completed using Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browsers. The program is not supported by Internet Explorer.  The program contains two levels, a Junior-aged Level and an Intermediate/Senior-aged Level. The program automatically directs members to the correct level based on their birthdate.

Site will be available each year from mid-March thru July 31st
Members may access the AH&QA program at:

General Information

Ownership Dates

Dog Info

Dog Project Informational Page

4-H Dog Card for 2020 available here: 

Horse & Pony Info

Horse Project Informational Page

4-H Horse Card for 2020 available here:

4-H Performance Animal Lease Guidelines and Statement of Understanding and Release Both forms due May 31st of each year

Equine Exhibitor's Self Certification Form (MDA)

Horsemanship Standards - levels 1 & 2 (County show) and 3 (State show) - Consists of a written test, oral practicum and riding pattern for each level.  To set up an appointment with an examiner, please contact Jeanne Herbert.  Testing can be done year round.

Livestock Info

Livestock Project Informational Page

Livestock Ad Book Work Sheet Due June 1st  of each year

Livestock Exhibitor's Self Certification (MDA)

2020 Breeding Animal Registration Due July 1st of each year

4-H Breeding Animal Lease Program Form for Heifers Only and Statement of Understanding and Release Both forms due July 1st of each year

MDA Requirements for Beef and Swine

Premises Registration (MDA)

Poultry Info

Letter from MDA dated 3/16/2016

Poultry Project Informational Page

2017 Broiler Project Guidelines

4-H Poultry Card for 2020 available here: August 1st of each year

Maryland Poultry Registration Form (MDA)

Poultry Exhibitor's Self Certification (MDA)

2015 AGNR - Avian Influenza: What You Need to Know, Not Fear

Poultry Guidelines and Instructions FOR STATE PROGRAMS (not County)

Rabbit & Cavy Info

Rabbit & Cavy Informational Page

4-H Rabbit Card for 2020 available here:  Due June 1st if you plan to enter in the Maryland State Fair.  If not, due Aug 1st each year

Rabbit Exhibitor's Self Certification (MDA)

Rabbit & Cavy Guidelines and Instructions FOR STATE PROGRAMS (not County)

For more information, contact Bonnie Boyden

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