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Tanzania Fundraisers

Dear 4-H Faculty/Staff,

In 2012 Maryland 4-H made its inaugural trip abroad to connect with the 4-H Program in Tanzania, Africa. The connection between Maryland 4-H and Tanzania 4-H continues to grow and impact the lives of individuals from both programs. This summer a Maryland 4-H delegation of 4-H youth and faculty/staff will be travelling to Tanzania between July 23-August 2 and the delegation is seeking your help to launch a new Tanzania 4-H Entrepreneurship Project to provide goats and sewing machines for Tanzania 4-H youth.

In Tanzania, 4-H Clubs are often organized at schools where members participate in “club” projects. Members are also encouraged to pursue “individual” projects at home. Because the Tanzanian 4-H program emphasizes entrepreneurship, 4-H projects often serve as the groundwork for starting personal business ventures such as selling handcrafted clothing and merchandise, fruit and vegetable produce, or livestock.  The Tanzania 4-H Entrepreneurship Project will help clubs and members grow through enhanced support of 4-H livestock and clothing projects.

Please distribute the attached fliers to 4-H clubs, families, and other interested individuals.  Your livestock project members, clothing project members, and County Fashion Revues will hopefully be very interested in supporting youth with like interests!

We greatly appreciate your help promoting the opportunity for local groups and individuals to sponsor the purchase of a breeding goat or sewing machine for Tanzania 4-H clubs and youth through this new project. Funds received by July 20th will be used to make initial purchases for the program during the Maryland 4-H delegation’s visit this summer, but donations will be accepted beyond this date.

Please contact Chris Anderson at with questions.


Tanzania 4-H Entrepreneurship Project Team members: Jeff Howard, Chris Anderson, Sandy Corridon, and Lacie Ashby

Please see the attached flyers.

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