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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge in our busy world. The University of Maryland Extension offers community outreach programs for youth, individuals, and families to make informed decisions about their health, housing and overall well-being. Programs and resources are available in the following areas:

Fostering Healthy Home Environments

Maintaining healthy homes and communities reduces the risk of childhood lead poisoning, asthma, fire and electrical injuries, exposure to indoor toxicants, and other illnesses and injuries can impact public health and safety. The goals of UM Extension’s Healthy Homes programs are to improve personal and family health through awareness of indoor health hazards and strategies to improve indoor air and drinking water quality and safety measures.

Programs available to improve the health of your home include:

Green Cleaning. In this one hour interactive program, learn how to make your own environmentally safe products by using ingredients in your home and save money too.

Hazardous Household Substances and Alternatives. In this one hour program, learn how to identify, store and dispose of harmful substances you no longer use and what alternative products you can use to keep your home clean and safe. 

Poison-Look-Alikes. Potentially harmful substances can easily be mistaken for safe ones, usually because they look the same or have very similar packaging. In this one hour program, learn how to identify these products in your home and prevention tips to avoid a poisoning mishap.

Tossed Treasures. In the US, an average person wastes 238 pounds of food per year (21 percent of the food they buy), costing them $1,800 per year. In this 45 minute program, learn how to minimizing food waste and save money.

Maintaining an Optimal level of Wellness.

Wellness starts with making good lifestyle choices which could lead to a higher quality life. Whether it’s being physically active on a regular basis, eating healthful foods, getting enough sleep or managing your stress, achieving optimal wellness is a choice and can improve the body-mind connection and provide you with a positive outlook on life. Programs available to improve and achieve an ideal level of wellness include:

Managing Stress and Balancing Life. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed once in a while, but it’s important to set time aside to unwind. Attend this 1 hour program and learn some stress management techniques to maintain good mental and physical health and lead a happier, healthier life.

Brain health.  Research is still emerging, but evidence shows it’s possible to reduce the risk of cognitive decline by making key lifestyle choices. Attend this 1 hour program and learn how lifestyle choices such as consuming certain foods, participating in regular physical activity, staying socially engaged, and getting a good night can maintain good brain health.  Click here to view current programs being offered on this topic.

Mindfulness. Being mindful means being in the ‘present’ and giving your full attention to your environment, thoughts, behaviors, and experiences. Attend this one hour program and learn quick and easy mindfulness techniques and how practicing them a few minutes each day can relieve stress, lower blood pressure and improve sleep. 

How to Talk to Your Doctor. You can play an active role in your healthcare. Attend this one hour program and receive a free workbook with easy tips that can help prepare for your medical visits, talk to your doctor, and make the most of your appointment.


Growing Healthy Kids (Youth Safety):    


The 4-H Youth Development ‘s preventative health and safety programs provide youth with a better understanding on how their choices can help themselves and their families. Youth and the adults that work with them learn safe practices in the home, farm and outdoors and how to make informed health and life choices. 4-H educators also disseminate information at health fairs, home and garden shows, Safe Kids Days, County fairs, back to school nights, community programs and University of Maryland sponsored events such as Maryland Day and Ag Day.

For more information on the Maryland 4-H Youth Development Program click here. For information on the Cecil County 4-H program click here.

Monthly Wellness Themes

For more information on this month's wellness theme, click here!


Insuring Your Health

Programs and resources that increase the capacity of Marylanders to get health information, and understand and use it with confidence to lower the risk of poor health. In response to the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act, UME is spearheading a health insurance initiative to educate consumers to make informed decisions about health insurance. For more information click here.


For more information about any of these healthy living programs listed above, contact:

Beverly Jackey MS, RDN

Family and Consumer Science Educator


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