University of Maryland Extension

Nutrient Management

Jenna Talbot

Nutrient Management Advisor

Cecil and Kent Counties


Nearly all Maryland farmers are required to follow a certified Nutrient Management Plan. Cecil County Extension’s Nutrient Management Advisor assists our county’s farmers in complying with this requirement by providing them with certified plans. 

Funding for the Nutrient Management Advisor is provided entirely through State Water Quality appropriations. The county provides office space, and UME provides supervision.  While some nutrient management plans for county farmers are done by certified plan writers in the private sector, Cecil County Extension’s Nutrient Management Advisor has been directed toward a variety of agricultural operations and sizes. 

Who Needs a Nutrient Management Plan?

Maryland farmers who have:

  • 10 acres or more of agriculture land
  • 8 or more animal units
  • gross $2,500 off the land

What services are provided by University of Maryland Extension Nutrient Management?


  • Nutrient Management Plan Writing
  • Yield Checks
  • Fertilizer and Manure Calibration
  • Presidedress Nitrate Testing
  • Fall Soil Nitrate Testing
  • Soil and Manure Sample Containers
  • Soil Probes and Testing Instructions



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