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First, THANK YOU for the time you give as a Carroll County 4-H Club Leader. We know being a leader takes many hours throughout the year to ensure your 4-H families know everything that is happening within the Maryland and Carroll County 4-H Program.

Reserving Buildings with the Carroll County Ag Center -

  1. Call the Extension Office and talk with a 4-H Educator.
  2. If there is room at the Extension Office we will book or 4-H related activity there first.
  3. If there are no rooms available at the Extension Office we will contact the Ag Center for you. Make sure we have all information needed, such as number of tables and chairs you will need, if you need to use an outside area does the grass need to be cut, etc.

Club News

Whenever your club has a special speaker, participates in a service project or participates in a fun activity, make sure to work with your club reporter. Have the club reporter send anything newsworthy to the local paper, along with sending a copy to one of the 4-H Educators to share their articles through our Extension Website and on social media. We would love to hear from your clubs!

Club Paperwork

Every year we have to complete all necessary paperwork to meet Maryland 4-H Guidelines to stay a club in good standing (criteria for a good standing club - 5 members from 3 different families and you must have 2 UME Volunteers to lead the club).

  • Club Financials - In working with the Maryland 4-H Foundation, the Carroll County 4-H Program must provide financial information for ALL Chartered 4-H Clubs. The 4-H Financial Year runs from July 1st - June 30th. At the end of the financial year, a annual financial summary form must be completed along with the club treasurer’s book. Remember that ALL bank statements need to be included.

  • IRS Filing - ALL 4-H Clubs must file a 990 e-postcard with the IRS. This is a required item for all 4-H Clubs that hold an EIN. If your club carries under $50,000 they can file online at:

    • All 990’s must be filed by October 15th of the current year.
    • A copy of your accepted 990 must be submitted to the Extension Office by October 15th. After you submit your 990, if you wait a few minutes, you should be able to log back in and see if your 990 was accepted or rejected. This is the document that needs to be printed for the files at the Extension Office.
    • If you club at any point has more than $50,000 in the club account, contact the Extension Office on how to file with the IRS.
  • Club Charter Renewal Form - You will be provided this form at the Annual Club Leader Meeting in the fall of each year. Please ensure we have all of the documentation on file to ensure we can sign off on your charter renewal.

    • Club Officer List needs to be provided
    • Club Bylaws need to be on file at the Extension Office
    • Signature of the club president and the club leader
    • Charter Renewal Application
  • Property Inventory Form - Even if your club doesn’t own any type of property, this form is still required to be submitted to the Extension Office by the set deadline.

    • Anything that the club has purchased must be recorded and kept on file at the Extension Office
    • A club member and leader need to sign off on the inventory form.
    • Property Inventory Form
  • Club Bylaws - Club bylaws must be presented and voted on in every 4-H club. Bylaws need to be reviewed every 3 years within the 4-H Club. These bylaws should be presented at one club meeting and then they can be voted on at the next club meeting. There needs to be a minimum of 30 days for club members to be presented the club bylaws before a vote is taken on them.

    • Bylaw Template
      • Remember these bylaws are provided by Maryland 4-H and anything that is in bold cannot be changed. You can add other pieces or remove items that are not in bold based on how the 4-H Club votes on their bylaws.
  • Public Relations Effort Form - This document is used to check all clubs are marketing their clubs throughout the year to the community.

    • On this form check off everything that your club has been involved in throughout the year.
    • Requires the club leader signature
    • Public Relations Form
  • Affirmative Action Form - All of our clubs are open to all youth and volunteers to be active in any of our 4-H Clubs.

  • Club Program Book/Planning Report - All 4-H Clubs must submit their yearly plan to the Extension Office. This plan shows the educational programs scheduled at monthly club meetings.

  • Club Secretary Book - Each club secretary keeps track of attendance of club members at each meeting, along with an accurate record of meeting notes. The secretary book helps in assisting the club secretary in what records they need to be keeping.

  • New Clubs - Anyone who would like to start a new 4-H Club in Carroll County needs to contact the Carroll County Extension Office and talk to one of the 4-H Educators. There are several things to be considered when starting a new 4-H Club.

    • Each club needs to have 2 UME trained volunteers before a club can be started.
    • Any 4-H Club MUST have at least 5 4-H members (8-18 years old as of January 1st of current year) from 3 different families.
    • Type of Club - Community Club or Special Interest
    • Club Meeting Location
    • To become an official club you will have to work with the 4-H Educators at the Extension Office as there are other forms (not available on the website) that will need to be completed to start a 4-H Club.
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