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Clover Fun Days

Clover Fun Days

Two 3-day programs are offered, normally in July and August. Each program host a different theme and we encourage participants to attend both programs if their schedules permit. Through the Clover Fun Days, our clover members (5-7 year olds) participate in different art and craft projects, recreational games, a movie in the afternoon along with a snack. Each Clover Fun Day has a different theme which can be seen through the different activities that take place throughout the days. We also include a field trip for one of the days into the program. What makes are Clover Fun Days unique is that we work with our 4-H Members to design these programs and those youth serve as teen leaders working with our Clovers. There is a cost of attending the program of $75 and registration forms are normally available the beginning of March.


Clover Fun Days - Week 1 - June 29-July 1, 2020

Clover Fun Days - Week 2 - July 20-22, 2020

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