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4-H Enrollment

New Carroll County 4-H Members

Welcome to the Carroll County 4-H Program! We are excited to share all of the opportunities that the 4-H Program has to offer and you probably have many questions as you start this journey. Here are a few steps in helping you become an official 4-H member:

  • Have you attended your first Carroll County 4-H Club Meeting? This would be the monthly meetings you would attend. This is the first step in joining the 4-H Program and making the connections with the 4-H Club Leaders, who are a great resource in helping you join 4-H.
  • After you have attended your club meeting, the next step is registering through the Maryland 4-H Online Enrollment system. This website can be found at: When registering through this site, you will need to create a family account. You will then be directed in setting up each 4-H/Clover Member and any UME Volunteers under the family name. Make sure you write down your log in information, as this is what you will use each year to enroll in the Carroll County 4-H Program.
  • After you have set up your account and registered each person in your family that will be a part of the 4-H program, you will be directed to pay an annual participation fee of $10. This must be paid online to complete your enrollment.
  • Make sure you receive a confirmation email that you are now enrolled in the Carroll County 4-H Program. You can log in at any time to also check your status, as it will show everyone as PENDING and when they have been approved to join the 4-H Program you will then see ACTIVE.
  • Once you become an active member in the program, you will start receiving the 4-H Tribune (a newsletter put out 10 times a year). You will receive this either through email or by mail, depending on what you selected when setting up your account.
  • Remember you must be enrolled by May 1st of the current year to be eligible to participate in the Carroll County 4-H/FFA Fair.
  • Another resource in learning more about the Maryland 4-H Program is the Maryland 4-H Family Guide. Take a look at the different offerings of the program and if you have any questions talk with your club leader or county 4-H Educators.

4-H Families Re-Enrolling

Welcome to another exciting year of the Carroll County 4-H Program. Don’t forget to get your enrollment complete by May 1st of the current year to be eligible to exhibit at the Carroll County 4-H/FFA Fair. If you are a 4-H Member participating in ANY State Events, you MUST be ENROLLED in 4-H Online to be eligible to participate in your contest.

  • To enroll in the Maryland 4-H Online program, go to
    • Each family login information remains the same each year, so please make sure you use your email address you set up your account in to login.
    • If you have forgotten your password, there is an option on the login page that will reset your password for you.
  • As you enroll for the current year, make sure you enroll every 4-H Member, Clover and UME Volunteer in your family.
    • If the 4-H Member is in more than one club, make sure to check off which club is their primary club. This is how the insurance fees will be billed to each 4-H Club.
    • Project Areas – You only have once chance to add/delete projects off your 4-H Members enrollment. Double check you have selected everything that they may be involved in during the year.
  • When you are ready to check out of 4-H Online, you will need to pay the $10 4-H Enrollment Fee online starting in 2019. This is only for 4-H Members and Clovers, you will receive a separate email taking you to a JOTFORM payment method. UME Volunteers DO NOT PAY an enrollment fee.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once the enrollment has been accepted by the Carroll County Extension Office. You are able to login to your account also, it the status on each member/volunteer will change from PENDING to ACTIVE.
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