University of Maryland Extension

Invasive Plant Information

Invasive Plants of the Eastern U.S.:  Identification and Control

An incredible resource about all invasive species with lists by species, state and region. Managed by the University of Georgia and USDA.

Maryland Invasive Species Council

Lists and provides photos and descriptions of all species, including plants, that are invasive in our area and encourages efforts that prevent the introduction of and how to manage the impact of invasive species on Maryland ecosystems.

Nonnative Grasses

Article discusses commonly used non-natives grasses that have become invasive:

Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas

Published by the National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Describes non-native invasive plants, their history, and native plants to replace them.    

The Nature Conservancy

Links to “Guide to the Terrestrial Invasive Plants of the Potomac River watershed brochure (at bottom of the webpage).


updated January 2019

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