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Club Leader Due Dates and Forms

(All forms are at the bottom of this page.)


    Meeting Post Cards - This may be done by your club president, secretary or a parent. Highlight your clubs programs, community service projects, club demonstrations, or other interesting facts or accomplishments with 4-Hers or your club.


    Member Enrollment & Re-Enrollment - New members need to have their club leader enroll them through the online enrollment system called ACCESS. Club Leaders can click on the word ACCESS and this will take you to the login which is on the upper right of the page. If you have forgotten your ACCESS user ID and password please contact the 4-H office at 410-887-8090 for the information. Members who are re-enrolling should verify the pre-printed enrollment form and make any necessary corrections on the form. Scratch out any projects that will not be carried this year and add any new projects. Remind all youth that the year is over December 31st. If they do not turn in a re-enrollment form they cannot participate in 4-H Programs in the new year. Be sure to review all forms and make sure they are filled out in full and all signatures are included.

    Maryland 4-H Behavior Expectations - This form is to be filled out by all youth. The 4-H Office gets the original copy only; one copy goes to the member and one is for club records. (Be sure to review with youth during a meeting their conduct and behavior. This is a good time to set goals for club participation of members and parents.

    UME 4-H Volunteer Re-Enrollment - This is to be filled out by UME Volunteers ONLY. To qualify as an UME Volunteer, person must have completed a UME Volunteer Application and executed a UME Volunteer Appointment form. A person remains a volunteer only for that period specified in the Volunteer Appointment Agreement. Persons not meeting the above requirements are not UME Volunteers and are not covered under the Maryland Tort Claims Act.  The following must be completed to become a UME Volunteer: (1) Application, (2) Position Description, (3) Training Completed, (4) References Returned and a (5) Contract Signed.
    If an adult has not taken UME training they are not considered a volunteer and may only work with their own child. We recommend all parents take MCE training in order to help with other children in the club. This is for their own protection.

    UME Renewal Form - All UME Volunteers MUST complete a renewal form and return with your volunteer re-enrollment form. This renews your UME status for the coming year.
    Club Information Form - Information should reflect the program beginning January 1st to December 31st of the new year. Changes and additions must be called into the 4-H Office.
    Club By-Law Sheet - This is located on the back of the "Club Information Sheet". Please attach a copy of your by-laws!! All clubs must have by-laws and these must be in our files.
    AA-AF 13 Form - This form stating you have open membership must be signed and returned with your other club records. Only return one completed copy and keep one copy for your club file.
    4-H Club/Group Meeting Calendar - This plan will help you organize your programs and set your club goals for the year. We realize that some of these plans will change. You should send one copy of this form to the 4-H Office and keep one copy for your club records.


    Public Relation Efforts by Clubs - Volunteer leaders and 4-H   members are asked to assist in making contacts and help promote the 4-H program. This report shows the things your club had done to promote 4-H and get new members. Make sure the following statement is on any flyers, posters, etc that you use: The University of Maryland System, Extension programs are open to all citizens without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion, age, marital or parental status, or national origin. If you have a disability that requires special assistance for your participation in this program please contact ....  

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