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Registration steps for 4-H online

Enrollment with 4HOnline

Who Needs To Re-enroll in 4HOnline?
Families with an Existing 4HOnline Account
To re-enroll in Maryland 4HOnline, you need Internet access and your family profile e-mail address.

  • All members (youth and adult) in the family need to reactivate their membership. Adults are only University of Maryland Extension Certified Volunteers.

For Families with an Existing 4HOnline Account

  • This year you won’t have to re-enter all your enrollment data, you will only need to update & reactivate your enrollment. For more information go to page 10!

For New Families/ Members:
To Start the enrollment process: Go to or (notice there’s no “www” in that address).

  1. Click “I need to set up a profile”. A drop down menu will ap-pear. Select the county you want to join, then type in your val-id family e-mail address. *E-mail addresses must be valid —it’s your account login as well as how you receive information.*
  2. Confirm your e-mail address
  3. Type in your parent/guardian/household’s last name. (This will be the name that appears on mailing labels—“The Johnson Family” for example.)
  4. Create your password – must include letters and numbers/symbols with a minimum of 8 characters.
  5. Click on “Create Login”

This is the Family Information page. Fill in all your personal information correctly and completely. Bold fields with a red asterisk are required. Make sure that you choose your correspondence preference to either “Mail” or “Email”.

  • Click on the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.
  • You are now at the “Member List” page. In the drop down box under “Add a New Family Member”, select “adult” or “youth” and click on “Add Member”. Let’s think you have chosen Youth.

You will see the “Youth Personal Information” screen. Fill in all information for this member correctly and completely. Bold fields with a red asterisk are required.

  • If he/she has a different e-mail address than the family one entered at login, enter it in the top box.
  • If his/her last name is different than the parent/guardian/household name, make that change on this page.
  • For the “Years in 4-H”, enter “1” if this is the first year.
  • If there are parents/guardians that do not live in the same resi-dence as you, you may enter their mailing information under Secondary Household.
  • Are you a volunteer? Mark “no” for youth, “yes” if you’re enter-ing an adult volunteer record.
  • Ethnicity – if you consider yourself/child to be a part of the His-panic culture, mark “yes”.
  • Choose your residence.
  • Complete the Military Service of Family only if it applies.
  • Select your child’s current grade in school.
  • Text messaging: Enter a cell number, check the box if you are willing to receive text messages via 4HOnline and choose your provider from the list. Texts will be used for last minute meeting notices and other priority information, only from county staff, not auto-generated through the program.
  • Be sure to enter an emergency contact name and at least one phone number. This should be someone other than a par-ent, if possible. Parents are always contacted first, but who should be called if the parents are not available?
  • When you have completed this page, click "Continue." This brings you to the Additional Information Page.

Additional Information Page

  • Maryland 4-H Behavioral Expectations
  • Publicity Release
  • Maryland 4-H Code of Animal Science Ethic

All fields are required. Select an option if there is a choice, or check the “I agree…” box.

  • Digital Signatures
  • Enter both the name of the parent/guardian and the youth. Both fields must be filled in before you can click the Continue button.
  • By logging on with your user ID and password, you are indicating that you are the correct person to agree to the terms.
  • When you have completed this page, click "Continue."  This brings you to the Health Page.

Health Form Page - Completion of this health form section is optional.
A hard copy of a health form is required for members & volunteers attending the following 4-H Events:

  • Day Camps
  • Overnight Residential Camps
  • Overnight Trips
  • Regional, State, & National Trips

The paper form is available at   
If you should have questions or concerns regarding the health form, please contact your county office.

he Clubs/Projects/Groups page is where you will select a 4-H club and projects for the current 4-H year.   
Select the correct club from the drop down menu and click on it. Be sure to click “Add Club”. If your child is a member of more than one club, add the next one the same way.  Make sure that the main club has the green dot next to it. Click on “Continue” when done.

The “Projects” tab.
Under “Select a Project” click on the drop down menu and select the first project for this youth. “Years in Project” – must have 1 for 1st year members. For returning members, the years are automatically updated.  Click on “Add Project”.  For each additional project that you want to add, repeat the steps above.

Once you have entered all your project(s), you need to click on “Continue”.  Then, in the Groups tab, click on “Continue”.  (Please do not select or add any group in this section. We are not using this feature for the public yet.) .  You can now review and Submit your Enrollment”.   You are done!
If there is another youth (or an adult leader) in your family enrolling in 4-H, you will need to repeat this process for them.  There is an option to “copy parent information from another youth record” drop box that will shorten the process for the second (and beyond) youth.

Once your enrollment has been submitted, it is sent to your County Extension Office to be approved.  If there are any problems with your enrollment – incorrect or missing information, etc. – you will get an e-mail with instructions for logging back in (with the same email/password you set up) and correcting those.  If there are no problems, you will receive an e-mail stating that you have been accepted and will have access online to your enrollment to make any updates throughout the 4-H year.

Keep your login (family email address) and password handy so that you can log in to the program and update your records whenever you need to.

For Following years... when it’s re-enrollment time, you’ll log in to the records you created this year, and simply “reactivate” any members or adult volunteers in the family—the family information only needs to be entered once—when your family begins your 4-H adventure!

Re-Enrolling through 4HOnline

(For families with an existing 4HOnline account)

1.    Go to Maryland 4HOnline login page located at
2.    Log in to your account

3.    The Member List will show all of the youth members and adult volunteers in your family who were enrolled in the previous year. They will have an inactive status.
4.    If you need to update your family information, click Edit Family.
5.    If not, click on “Edit” next to the Inactive member you would like to re-enroll.

6. You will see the profile information of your member. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

7. Click on Enroll for 2015-2016.

8.    Update any Personal Information and click on Continue at the bottom of the page.
9.    Read the Additional Information carefully.

10.    Mark the check box and/or sign each section. This section will be locked for editing after the enrollment has been submitted.
11.    Click on Continue.

 12. Review and/or enter the member’s Health Form. This form is optional. A hard copy is required for Day Camps, Overnight Residential Camps, Overnight Trips, and Regional, State, or National Trips. 

13. Review and edit your Clubs.

Only Clubs in which the member will participate during the current program year should be listed. Click on Continue.
14. Review and edit your Projects. Click on Continue when done.
Only projects in which the member will participate during the current year should be listed in the Projects tab. Previous year projects will remain on the Member’s enrollment history. Remove any projects listed in which the member will no longer participate.

You can now review & submit your enrollment.

You will receive a notification email when the County has received your payment and your enrollment has been accepted! 


  • After your initial login, you will see the Families Home Page when you first log in.
  • The Announcements and Newsletters section is where your County can post Newsletters, Announcements and other important documents for you to view.
  • To access your member list, click on “Continue to Family.”
  • If you would like to change your password at any time after your initial login, click “Change Password.”
  • If you forgot your password, please select “I forgot my password” from the login page. County and State offices do not have access to Family passwords.
  • If, at any point, you would like to return to your start page, click on “Home.”
  • To return to your member list from any page, click on “My Member List.”
  • For quick navigation between the four member enrollment pages, simply click on the page title under the navigation bar.

Each 4H youth member ages 8 to 18 will be required to pay a $10.00 participation fee annually.  Please remit payment (cash/check) for your participation fee to your club leader at the time of submitting your enrollment. Please make checks payable to the 4-H Club. Clovers & volunteers do not pay this fee. Families only need to pay for the first three members in their family ($30 maximum).  You can also pay online at:

Please note that your account is going to be on a Pending status until payment has been received at the county level.

If you should have financial needs, please contact your local 4-H office.

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