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4-H Projects

What are 4-H Projects?

4-H projects are learning experiences for 4-H members. Most projects are available from the University of Maryland for a minimal charge to 4-H members.

What does a project cost?project books

This varies a great deal. A member enrolled in first aid might use supplies from around the house to practice the skills being learned. A member who buys and keeps a saddle horse might invest hundreds of dollars. Discuss cost with members and then select a project. It should be realistic to the family situation. Sometimes sponsors help with project costs.

Are 4-H Members expected to do their own project work?

Yes - with help. 4-H is "learn by doing" program. Adult leaders, junior leaders, or parents may tell or show a member how, but members are expected to learn how to do things themselves.

What are Self-Determined Projects?

Self-Determined projects are ideas developed by the 4-Her with adult guidance. These may relate to or be a continuation of a specific project carried by the 4-Her for several years.

What is a "Completion"?

Most counties provide some sort of recognition, such as pins, ribbons or money awards. Completion generally means that the 4-H member has met the goals he set when he enrolled in a project. Completion in Maryland, requires with a written record, an exhibit and a presentation also.

Do 4-Hers do Projects individually, or as a group?

Both, some projects, such as outdoor cooking, are more fun as a group. Others, such as making a dress, will be done individually by each member of the group.

Project Guide Book for Baltimore County (PDF)

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