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Library Series

Library Series

The library series is a new series of workshops throughout the city that will teach you a wide range of new topics like composting, pollinators, container gardening, pests your garden, a planting. We would love to see you at multiple/selective Enoch Pratt Library’s throughout the city. Below has more detail on the multiple subject we will be covering between February – July. Here is a link to which library you can find each workshops.


Home Composting:

Organic material such as leaves, branches, grass clippings and food scraps make up more than 50% of what is sent to the landfill each year. Instead of trashing these valuable resources, how do you to turn these materials into compost. Master Gardeners will guide you through the different methods of home composting and how finished compost around your home and garden provides many benefits to your soil, lawn, plants and to the environment!


Planting for Pollinators:

Help preserve our struggling native pollinator populations. Creating urban gardens designed to attract these floundering populations not only provides environments specific to their survival but offers a chance to enjoy these fascinating, beautiful, and graceful creatures and all their benefits. Master Gardeners will provide you with lists of plants butterflies and bees need to survive and how to use them to create a garden perfect for your home and the environment.


Master Container Gardening with a Baltimore City Master Gardener

Anything can be grown in a container from a violet to fig tree once you learn the basics.  Urban living can be challenging for budding gardeners who want to have more green space.  Let a Baltimore City Gardener help you find the right plant for the right pot and how to make it thrive.  Get tips on how to make your containers more interesting with plants you may never have considered or even known about to green up your city home.


Managing Pests in the Garden

Our gardens are teaming with life other than the flowers and vegetables we lovingly plant.  Some of that life consists of the pollinators and insects that support our garden but there are others that seem to be out to destroy it.  Managing pests doesn’t mean eradicating them which often kills the beneficial insects as well.  Master Gardeners will walk you through the principles of Integrated Pest Management and how to control pests and promote a healthy garden environment.


How Does Your Garden Grow?  Ask a Master Gardener

Do you long to have fresh vegetables on your dinner plate from your own garden or flowers you just cut to put on a table to brighten your home.  Whether your yard is large or small you can create a garden to suit your wants and needs.  From basic principles to specific challenges, Master Gardeners will provide you with what you need to get started or even take your existing garden to the next step. Walk away ready to dig in for the 2020 planting season.

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