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Baltimore City 4-H Programs

The Baltimore City 4-H Youth Development Program provides a supportive setting for all youth to reach their fullest potential. Youth learn beneficial cognitive and life skills through community-focused, research-based, experiential educational programs.  The following are Baltimore City 4-H Programs, Special Events, and Workshops that are available.

Clovers – ages 5-7

  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Explore topics like communication, healthy lifestyles, expressive arts, personal development, and science.
  • Develops competencies in life skills, gain knowledge through experiential learning, develop positive attitudes, appreciation for cultural diversity.

Nutrition Education – ages 5-18

  • Provides curriculum material necessary for youth to make healthy food choices
  • Teaches "My Plate" and the importance of eating a variety of foods, identifies food choices that contribute to growth, health, fitness; incorporates nutrition and physical activity.
  • Stresses the importance of remaining active as an effort to prevent childhood-obesity and related illnesses

Teen Corps – ages 12-18

  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Identify resources and provide training opportunities for 4-H programs.
    Plan and implement citywide events.
  • Develop entrepreneurship, workforce readiness, service-learning and environmental science skills.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) - ages 5-18

  • Promote Technology into 4-H programs.
  • Develop and maintain 4-H Technology Team web site.
  • Teach and encourage use of computers and the Internet.
  • Develop skills in plant and animal sciences.
  • Establish and maintain community gardens/beautification projects.
  • Develop water quality and Recycling projects.

Public Speaking – ages 8-18

  • Develop effective verbal and written skills.
  • Promote 4-H programs through marketing and outreach activities.
  • Participate in community and citywide public speaking opportunities.
  • Compete in the Maryland 4-H Communication Contests.

Health Rocks – ages 8-16

  • Provides curriculum material on the consequences of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use in youth
  • Helps youth build skills, which lead to healthy lifestyle choices, with an emphasis being placed on drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention.

Adventure in Science – ages 8-13

  • 4-H Signature program
  • Hands-on science experiments and activities presented by adult volunteers.
  • Promotes science, math, and technology
  • Topics include chemistry, biology, health, astronomy, geology, and computers.

Entrepreneurship – ages 8-18

  • Develop business-related skills.
  • Explore career opportunities.
  • Create a business (optional).

Summer Nutrition – ages 5-18

  • Four-week educational program for camps, schools, recreation centers, and faith based organizations.
  • Provides curriculum material necessary for youth to make healthy food choices
  • Teaches "My Plate" and the importance of eating a variety of foods, identifies food choices that contribute to growth, health and fitness, incorporates nutrition and physical activity.

Service Learning – ages 12-18

  • Develop civic and social skills and responsibilities.
  • Earn service-learning hours.
  • Develop and implement service-learning projects.

Photography – ages 8-18

  • Develop photography skills.
  • Develop expressive arts projects.

Fashion Revue – ages 8-18

  • Educational activity that allows youth to develop life skills in decision making, leadership, communications, acquiring information, creative thinking, self confidence, responsibility.
  • Categories include active Sportswear, Costumes, Creative Choice, Formal Wear, Outer Wear, Regular Wear, Separates, Best Buy, Second Time Around, and Buy, Create Recycle.


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