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Volunteers Awards & Recognition Dinner

2016 Highlights of the Awards & Recognition Dinner for the Volunteers


The recognition and awards dinner for the 4-H volunteers was held on June 9, 2016 at our UME-Baltimore City office.  It was a time whereby the volunteers gathered to be rewarded for their hard work, and dedication.  The Volunteers were given a certificate as well as a token of our appreciation to thank them for their service.  They were able to share ideas and the many 4-H activities that they and the youth were involved. 

Volunteers gathered in celebration of their hard-work, dedication and commitment to the 4-H youth program. 


The volunteers highlighted achievements and activities that their clubs worked on throughout the year.                                                           


Manami Brown, Director of UME spoke about the accomplishments and achievements of the Clubs and Volunteers at the dinner.





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