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                    4-H Baltimore City

               Summer Programs 2016


Baltimore City 4-H participated in Baltimore City's 2016 ARTscape 

The University of Maryland Extension Baltimore City 4-H participated in Baltimore City’s premier art festival ARTscape, July 16 -17, 2016. The theme for this year’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) focused 2016 ARTscape festival was, “Space: Explore What’s Out There”. Using this theme, the University of Maryland Extension Baltimore City 4-H provided an activity for children that allowed kids to use Legos to “Explore Space with Imagination and Creativity”, by building various space crafts and structures. We were there Saturday and Sunday during the festival. Many families participated in our activity and learned about the many programs and activities provided by Baltimore City 4-H, 172 families on Saturday and 225 families on Sunday.



Baltimore City 4-H promote girls participation in Science and Mathematics careers


The Girls Scouts of Central Maryland invited the University of Maryland Extension Baltimore City 4-H to conduct STEM activities at their Day Camp August 16, 2016. Albert Lewis, STEM educator, taught the young ladies engineering and chemistry concepts using Legos and candy. The younger students were tasked to make a wheel chair using Legos, while the older students made chemical elements/atoms using Twizzlers and Skittles candies. The students were challenged and had fun.  


Baltimore City 4-H worked with the Baltimore City Department of Recs and Parks to teach kids STEM skills using Legos

This summer of 2016, The University of Maryland Extension Baltimore City 4-H and the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks worked together to teach STEM skills to Baltimore City youth. The youth learned technology and engineering concepts such as problem solving, designing, and creating using Legos. The students had the opportunity to create a wheelchair, a bridge, a community, and to develop their own technological invention. At the end of the 6 weeks program the 5 recreation centers involved (James D. Gross, Fred B. Leidig, Carroll Cook, Patterson Park, and Mary Rodman) held a Lego contest to showcase the students’ engineering and design skills.











4-H Baltimore City Summer Program 2014



The Baltimore City Extension Summer Nutrition Program is designed to increase youth knowledge about nutrition, fitness and healthy eating habits.  The University of Maryland Extension partners with community organizations to provide nutrition information to youth between the ages of 5-18 years old in all 14 districts of Baltimore city.  Sites for 2014 include:

  • Fred B. Leidig Recreation Center
  • C.C. Jackson Recreation Center
  • Mary E. Rodman Recreation Center
  • John Eager Howard Recreation Center
  • Woodholme Recreation Center
  • Morrell Park Recreation Center
  • Waverly School Age Child Care
  • Medfield Recreation Center
  • Liberty Heights Center
  • Westport Center

Baltimore City Extension's Nutrition program reached 464 youth in the summer of 2014. Each lesson provided is research-based and modified for a youth-centered nutrition education. Some of the lessons are:

  • Breakfast is a bonus and Reading food labels
  • Fast foods and Go, Slow, Whoa foods
  • My Plate and Eating more Fruits and Vegetables
  • How germs travel

In addition to Nutrition Education, Charlene Jordan-Baker, Nutrition Educator, provided Fitness Fun & Games to youth in the Hamilton and Harford Communities for Summer 2014. 



The University of Maryland Extension-Baltimore City also offers Summer STEM at local recreation centers, community centers, schools, and faith-based organizations. Curriculum is designed to refresh youth in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

In the summer of 2014, Summer STEM was provided to 136 youth ages 5-18  at local sites in Baltimore City. Partners and sites included: 

  • Humanim RAMP Program
  • Lillian Jones Recreation Center
  • Mary E. Rodman Recreation Center
  • Fort Washington Recreation Center
  • Oliver Recreation Center
  • Patapsco Recreation Center

Summer STEM lessons are research based and include hands-on, interactive instruction that allows for indivual exploration and discovery. Youth learn: 

  • How to solve problems using Mathematical and Science related skills
  • Teamwork & Team Building
  • Math, Science and Engineering concepts
  • Creativity/Innovation


Each facilitator is provided  pre and post- tests in order to determine knowledge and behavioral impact on the youth.  At the conclusion of the program, each site will collect data to analyze and determine youth successes.

For more information regarding 4-H summer programming, please contact 4-H educators at 410-856-1850.

The University of Maryland, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources programs are open to all and will not discriminate against anyone because of race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry, or national origin, marital status, genetic information, or political affiliation, or gender identity and expression.  

Los programas del Colegio de Agricultura y Recursos Naturales de la Universidad de Maryland están abiertos a todos y no discriminará contra nadie debido a raza, edad, sexo, color, orientación sexual, discapacidad física o mental, religión, descendencia, origen nacional, estatus matrimonial, información genética, afiliación política, o identificación y expresión de género.

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