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Updated: March 2, 2023
By Emileigh Lucas

How can we help you? We've compiled below some of the most commonly requested resources to help Maryland farmers with agricultural nutrient management needs.

Click here to find our 2023 Plan Update Sessions designed to help already-certified farmers compile their 2023 Nutrient Management Plan under the guidance of a Nutrient Management Specialist.

Quick links and guidance

I need someone to write my nutrient management plan

I want to know what information is required to get a plan developed

To help your plan writer efficiently develop your plan, you will need to provide the following information:

  • A recent soil test, less than 3 years old, for each field you manage (preferably from one of the labs in the soil lab comparison sheet)
  • A recent manure analysis, less than one year old, if you plan to apply manure or organic nutrient-containing materials (e.g. compost or processing waste) (preferably from one of the labs in the manure lab comparison sheet)
  • A map of your farm or come ready to show the advisor the boundaries of your farm and fields
  • Management history for each field, including current/previous season's crop, tillage regime, manure/organic application rates for previous two seasons, and yield history, if possible
  • Plans for the upcoming growing season for each field, including what crops and nutrient applications are expected. Multiple scenarios can be built into the plan.
  • Animal Information, if applicable, including weight, amount and type of bedding used, and turnout/confinement schedule
  • Manure import/export information, if applicable, which should include the name and contact information of the export destination
  • More information may be required for perennial fruit crops, high phosphorus soils, or other special circumstances; your advisor will let you know

Fill out the data collection sheets ahead of time and expedite plan development:

I want to be certified to write my own nutrient management plan

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"How to" guidance resources

I need Nutrient Applicator Voucher training