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AG Tech Slide Presentations

AgTech Talk Slides
#1 Alfalfa Production
#2 Alternative Fruits and Nuts
#3 Cool Season Forage Trial
#4 Ethnic and Specialty Vegetables
#5 Fescue Toxicity
#6 Fruit Tactics for the Coastal Plains
#7 Fruit Weed Control
#8 GMO on U.S. Farms and Globaly
#9 Hay and Silage Evaluation
#10 High Tunnel Chili-Mix
#11 Hops and Meadow Fruiting
#12 IPM the Philosophy
#13 Low Tunnel Sweet Corn
#14 Modern Vegetable Production Technology
#15 No-Tillage Revolution
#16 Orchardgrass Production
#17 Pasture Management
#18 Pasture Weed Control
#19 Managing Sacrifice Lots & Heavy Use Areas
#20 Irrigation for Small Scale Farming
#21 Spray Programs for Multi-Fruit Orchards
#22 Sustainable Strip-Till & No-Till Vegetable Planting Systems
#23 Tips for Making Herbicides Effective

Recent Meeting Presentations
1) Chlorpyrifos and the Legal Landscape of Pesticide Regulation 2018 Agricultural and Environmental Law Conference, 11-8-2018
2) Why Herbicides Sometimes Fail? Weed Control Update Southern Maryland Vegetable & Fruit Meeting, 2-7-2019
3) Strip-Till & No-Till Vegetable Planting Systems NE Cover Crops Council Conference, 11-7-2019
4) The Technical Sciences of Agriculture: Biochemistry at Work on Our Farms, Pesticides & GMO’s, SRHS 12-11-2019
5) Stocking the Pesticide Shed for Weed Control in Vineyards, MGGA, 1-14-2020
6) Tips and Tricks for Successful Forage Over-Seeding, Renovation, or Establishment, MD Forage Meetings 2-17-2020
7) Putting it All Together: Making Quality Hay and Silage, MD Forage Meetings 2-17-2020
8) Pesticide Toxicology & PPE Southern MD Urban Pest Conference 2-19-2020
9) Weed Control Tactics for Fruit, Bay Area Fruit School WREC, 2-21-2020
10) Pomes, Stones, & Other Little Berries, Master Gardeners Fruit Training, 2-25-2020
11) An Overview of Agricultural Extension in Maryland & Globally, AREC 360 2-26-2020
12) Vineyard Supplies and Equipment MGGA Annual Conference, 2-28-2020


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