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A. Fruit Production Bulletins
Home Fruit Production Instructional Outline
Guide for Multi-Tree Fruit Spray Sheet, 2020
Guide for Multi-Small Fruit Spray Sheet, 2020
Strawberry Fungicide Spray Sheet
Vineyard Impact and Vision, 2003
Vineyard Reckoning
Evaluation of the Perpendicular-V Peach Orchard Training System for So. MD
Applicability of the Peach Perpendicular-V Training System for Southern Maryland
Hops Resource Guide
Fruit Herbicides

B. Vegetable Production Bulletins
2008 Maryland Vegetable Enterprise Budgets
Ethnic Vegetable Production
Planting Fall Brassicas, Broccoli and Pak Choi into German Foxtail Millet
Planting Sugar Snap Peas into German Foxtail Millet
Sweet Potato Study
No-Till Tomato Study
Trickle Fertigation: "Environmentally Friendly Fertility"
Fighting Old Age with Vegetables
Sustainable and Low Input Strip-Till & No-Till Vegetable Planting Tactics
Plasticulture Production Method for Specialty Vegetables
Ethnic Vegetable Handbook
Fumigant Update - WYE REC Strawberry Twilight
Respirator Fit Testing for Fumigation Law Compliance
     a. Respirator Fit Test Card
     b. Respirator Fit Test Record Form
     c. Respirator Medical Questionnaire

C. Grain Production Bulletins
2009 Field Crop Budget
Organic No-Till Grains
Abruzzi: A Giant Cover-Crop Rye

D. Forage Production Bulletins
Pasture Renovation Guide
Pasture Stocking Rate
Annual Pasture Systems
Forage Testing Labs
Orchardgrass Strategy Round-Table

E. Livestock Production Bulletins
Anthrax Ag Bulletin
Recognize the Symptoms of Foot and Mouth Disease
Veterinarian Services
Managing "Sacrifice" Lots

F. Integrated Pest Management
IPM Short Study
IPM Threshold Guide - Vegetable Crops
IPM Threshold Guide - Agronomic Field Crops
Sprayer Calibration
Summary of Worker Protection Standards
Becoming a Better Plant Disease Detective
MD Pesticide Core Manual 
Pesticide Applicator Checklist Leaflet #18
Pesticide Applicator COVID 19 Respirator Leaflet 102

G. Nutrient Management Bulletins
Soil Sampling Procedures
Comparison of Soil Testing Labs 
Comparison of Manure Test Labs 
Comparison of Compost Test Labs
Comparison of Tissue_Labs
Comparison of Growing Media Labs
Finding Account ID Numbers
Soil Testing Lab Conversions
Plan Implementation Review
Manure Testing Pays Off
Manure Stockpile Guidelines - MDA
Animal Unit Equivalents
Fuel into Fertilizer: Cost Analysis
Maryland Watershed Implementation Plan
Manure Sampling Procedures
Interpreting Heavy Metal Soil Tests

H. Farm Management Bulletins
Agriculture Statistics and Information
     Anne Arundel County
     Prince George's County
     State of Maryland
Custom Work Rates in Southern Maryland
Farm Directory of Cooperatives
Buyers and Sellers Ethnic Vegetable Report
Farm Labor Meeting Highlights
Produce Buyers Seek Local Farm Products

I. Agriculture Issues
MSDE Task Force to Incorporate Agriculture Curricula
2008 Extension Program Assessment
Zoning Permits and Compliance
Anne Arundel County Zoning Regulations for Livestock
Prince George's Agricultural Zoning Compilation
Comprehensive Strategy for Reducing Maryland's Vulernability to Climate Change
2017 Request for Proposals - Demonstration of Innovative Technologies to Manage Animal Manure
Northeast and Northern Forests Regional Climate Hub Assessment of Climate Change Vulernability and Adapation and Mitigation Strategies

J. Maryland Vegetable Growers Association (MVGA)
MVGA Application
MVGA 2006 Annual Meeting

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