University of Maryland Extension

Intensive Small-Scale Food Production Operations


  • 3-1 (Converting to MD Fertility Index Values)
  • 3-2 (Interpreting soilless media tests)
  • 4-1 (Estimating Plant Available N in manure)
  • 5-1 (Manure N credits for prior years)
  • 5-2 (N recommendation worksheet for crop production using manure and commercial fertilizer)
  • 5-3 (Nitrogen, phosphate, and potash recommendation summary)
  • 5-4 (Calculating the manure/compost application rate required to meet crop N recommendation)
  • 5-5 (Calculating the manure/compost application rate to meet crop P removal)
  • 5-6 (Calculating the quantity of nutrients from a pre-set manure/compost application rate)
  • 5-7 (Calculating additional fertilizer requirements when using an organic source)
  • 7-1 (Calculating the rate of an organic source to meet N recommendation)
  • 7-2 (Calculating the N rate of a typical application of an organic nutrient source)
  • 7-3 (Calculating the tonnage of a purchased organic nutrient source)

Skill Sheet Answer Key

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