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FTC for Diverse Operations

Farmer Training and Certification (FTC) for Diverse Operations

The FTC for Diverse Operations module encompasses all scenarios from fertilizer-only operations and those operations having animals and utilizing manure.

In this section of our website, you will find worksheets used in the FTC Diverse Training sessions along with study materials.


For more information on writing a plan, please refer to the Plan Writing Tools section of our website.



  • Worksheet 3-1 (Converting to MD FIVs from Soil Test Analyses from Selected Other Labs)
  • Worksheet 4-1 (Estimating Plant Available Nitrogen in Manure)
  • Worksheet 4-2 (Manure Quantity Estimation for Solid Manure)
  • Worksheet 5-1 (Manure N Credits for Prior Years)
  • Worksheet 5-2 (N Recommendation Worksheet for Crop Production Using Manure and Commercial Fertilizer
  • Worksheet 5-3 (N, P2O5, K2O Recommendation Summary)
  • Worksheet 5-4 (Calculating Manure Application Rate to Meet Crop N Recommendation)
  • Worksheet 5-5 (Calculating Manure Application Rate to Meet Crop P Removal)
  • Worksheet 5-6 (Calculating Quantity of Nutrients from a Pre-Set Manure Application Rate)
  • Worksheet 5-7 (Calculating Additional Fertilizer Requirements When Using Manure)
  • Worksheet 5-8 (Manure Utilization and Allocation)
  • Worksheet 7-1 (Calculating the Quantity of Commercial Fertilizer Required to Meet a Nutrient Recommendation)
  • Worksheet 7-2 (Calibrating Fertilizer Application Equipment)
  • Worksheet 7-3 (Calibrating a Manure Spreader Using the Weight-area Method)
  • Worksheet 7-4 (Calibrating a Manure Spreader Using the Load-area Method)


Study Materials:

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