University of Maryland Extension

Fiscal Year 2019 Priorities

The following priorities shall guide program delivery:

  1. farmers with small dairy farms (<300 animal units);
  2. farmers with pollution problems as identified by Maryland Department of Agriculture;
  3. farmers participating in the Manure Transport Project and those with a MACS application pending for animal waste storage and poultry mortality composters;
  4. farmers with animal operations who are existing clientele and whose nutrient management plans require updating; and
  5. first come, first serve for any other farmer who must comply with the Water Quality Improvement Act.

Farmers who use only commercial fertilizer shall be strongly encouraged to use the fertilizer dealer’s own certified nutrient management consultant.

Certified farmer operators shall be strongly encouraged to write their own nutrient             management plans.

Planning assistance to certified farmer operators and certified nutrient management consultants will be provided by UME nutrient management specialists.

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