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Internet Sales

While the Internet plays an important role in business today, its significance is about to explode. According to a recent survey by International Data Corporation, sales influenced by the Internet, either purchased online or directly influenced by research conducted on the Internet, account for 17% of all sales in the U.S. According to Jupiter Communication, US online consumers will spend in excess of $632 billion in off-line channels as a direct result of research that they conduct on the Web in 2005, dwarfing the $199 billion that consumers will actually spend on the Internet.

On the Web

  • How to Direct-Market Farm Products on the Internet
    By Jennifer Claire V. Klotz. USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), Transportation and Marketing Programs, Marketing Services Branch, 2002. 50p. This publication provides basic information and suggestions for direct farm marketers on selecting and tailoring a Web site to meet their marketing needs and goals, including: Reasons for considering using the Web for direct farm marketing; How to develop a marketing plan; How to research the market; How to set up and market the Web site. References are cited to enable producers to undertake additional research on Internet marketing. Feedback from producers who use the Internet is included to demonstrate the challenges and the benefits of using this marketing tool. (posted 4/5/18)
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