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Refers to the act of visiting a working farm or any agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operation for the purpose of enjoyment, education, or active involvement in the activities of the farm or operation. Agri-tourism is increasingly popular in farming communities near urban areas.


On the Web

  • Agritourism a web-based resource for farmers
    By Stephen Searl, UVM Masters student in Natural Resources at the University of Vermont and Outreach Coordinator for the Vermont Tourism Data Center. The site features a number of different resources ranging from agritourism "how-to" guides and economic benefit studies to state-wide and/or region-wide agritourism associations. (posted 4/5/18)
  • Governor's Commission Develops Definition of Agri-Tourism
    Maryland Department of Agriculture press release January 13, 2015  (posted 4/5/18)


  • Alternative Enterprises and Agritoursim: Farming for Profit and Sustainability Resource Manual
    The Resource Manual contains 2,300 pages of reference material.  The following topics include Assessing Natural Resources for Alternative Enterprises, Conservation Opportunities, Rural Tourism, Agritourism, Nature Tourism, Heritage and Cultural Tourism, Alternative Enterprises, Success Stories, Workshops, Trends and Data, Decision Making and Business Planning, Regulations and Legal Concerns, Liability Insurance, Marketing, Funding and Assistance Programs, Resource People, Outreach, Website List, and Resources. (posted 4/5/18)
  • Entertainment Farming & Agri-Tourism - Business Management Guide
    By Katherine L. Adam, NCAT Agriculture Specialist, September 2004
    Agri-entertainment and -tourism—new, highly consumer-focused types of agriculture—may offer additional options for diversification and adding stability to farm incomes. Farmers have invented a wide variety of "entertainment farming" options.  ATTRA Publication #IP109  (posted 4/5/18)


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