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Microbreweries and the New Class 8 Farm Brewery License Microbreweries and craft beers are a growing trend nationwide. In order to encourage more development in this growing industry, the state of Maryland has created a few new liquor licenses that make small-scale brewing easier.
Ignite Your Sales with Sensory Branding Ag Marketing - News Update   Product Positioning and Branding
Grape Berry Moth Although the Japanese beetle is rapidly moving to the top of the list in many areas of Maryland the grape berry moth (Paralobesia viteana; GBM) has typically been the most significant insect pest in the vineyard due to its direct and indirect damage to the berries and clusters.
Japanese Beetles Japanese beetles can periodically be a significant pest in Maryland vineyards. They create large holes in the younger leaves of vines and cause severe lacing and even fruit damage in heavy infestations. The population build up is typically periodic and cyclic and may require control tactics in years of large infestations.
High Beef Prices Ag Marketing - News Update Retail beef prices are at a 20 year high.  I have been asked why?  Why is beef so high? The reasons:
The Customer is Still King Ag Marketing News Update
Turning Out Your Product: From Food Safety to Marketing, There’s a Lot You’ll Need to Know. In this report, we will break down the necessary steps to develop your product and bring it to market in accordance with Maryland the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's regulations and recommendations.
Check Your Marketing Map   Ag Marketing News Update
Avoid Speaking "Farmese" to Consumers Ag Marketing News Update
A Marketing Decision Tool and Guide for Grass-fed Beef (EB-374)   A  resource guide that will assist grass-fed beef producers formulate profitable marketing strategies. It is a decision tool to assist individual producers in making marketing decisions about what to produce; where/how/in what venue(s) outlets to market their product; and practical risk management strategies.
What's Your Sign?   Ag Marketing News Update   Today with websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and email to promote their products and services, does a business owner still need to invest in a sign?  Absolutely!
Define Your Markets First   Ag Marketing News Update
Is the Price Right?   Ag Marketing News Update  
Direct Marketing Feeds "Buy Local" Ag Marketing News Update  
Selling a Service   Ad Marketing News Update  
When Advertising is a Waste of Resources   Ag Marketing News Update Beware of “pouring money down the advertising hole!” Tailor your advertising and promotions to your current and prospective customers. Evaluate the results so you don’t keep spending money on ads or promotional campaigns that aren’t working.
Licenses and Regulation Updates for Farmers Marketing Value-Added Products Directly to Consumers   Ag Marketing News Update   While some farmers now market their valued-added products year round, for many, late spring signals the start of the new market season in earnest.  With so many more value-added products showing up at markets now, it’s good to get the necessary paperwork and required licenses before opening day. 
To Weigh or Not to Weigh   Ag Marketing News Update  


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