What We Do?

  • Support faculty members starting from onboarding, to tenure, to career development and progress
  • We are all inclusive and DEIR is our core value

    Services that We Provide

    • Program Planning and Evaluation
    • Teaching Effectiveness
    • Individual Extension Plan (IEP)
    • Annual Faculty Evaluation Resources
    • Promotion Resources
    • Mentoring Resources
    • Impact Reporting
    • Qualtrics Support
    • IRB Support
    • Publications Support
    • Signature Courses
    • Federal Reporting
    • Grant Writing


    POD infographic

    Who Are We?


    Managing Editor for Extension Publications
    Andrew Kling | akling@umd.edu

    Publication layout, design, and graphics support
    Susan Barnes | sbarnes6@umd.edu

    Extension program development process via our UME Answers page
    hosted by Dee Dee Allen at: go.umd.edu/POD

    Faculty and staff development page
    hosted by Jackie Takacs in her role as APT & AEP Coordinator: extension.umd.edu/faculty-staff