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For more than 10 years, the University of Maryland Extension (UME) has conducted Nutrient Management Educational Programs.  In this time, Extension educators have worked to bring University research to Maryland farmers and landowners as well as to assist them in complying with State of Maryland regulations through workshops, recertification classes and publications. Goals of the Agricultural Nutrient Management Program (ANMP) include increasing farm productivity, minimizing environmental impacts and meeting regulatory requirements. To evaluate impacts of the ANMP training a long-term evaluation was conducted revealing increases in education, environmental stewardship and farm profitability.

A survey was conducted in the fall of 2011 to determine the results and impacts of the training.  It was a written survey sent to a randomly selected sample size of licensed applicators. The purpose of this study was to investigate impacts of University of Maryland Extension (UME)  Nutrient Management Program in the areas of regulatory compliance, increased environmental safety and increased farm profits.  The response rate to the survey was 42%. 

Average Nutrient Voucher Profit Per Acre






 $       6.25

 $       7.49

 $       8.74


Farm profitability is a goal of the nutrient management program.  Farmers were asked their increase in profitability due to education received through the Nutrient Management Education program.  Respondents were provides a range of dollars per acre to choose from.  The mean of responses ranged from $6.25 to $8.74 with the average participant increasing profitability by $7.49 per acre.  Acres were then analyzed with the average participant farming 255.88 acres and 625.27 acres with the average participant farming 421.09 acres.  Using these averages a total dollar impact per participant of the program per participant is $3,153.96 (421.09 ac x $7.49). Total dollar impact of surveyed participants translates to a total of $652,865.85 (87,165 ac x $7.49).

In addition to the financial impact, a substantial result of this long-term survey includes farmers’ response to implementing nutrient management.

As a result of locally-delivered pesticide education programs, UME has increased farm profitability and increased the use of nutrient management.   

We offer a special thank you to Maryland respondents and to our nutrient management education team that has delivered timely and relevant information to agricultural producers for the past 10 years.

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