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Leadership Trips

The Maryland 4-H Program is proud to offer senior 4-H members the opportunity to participate in Leadership Trips at the National Level.  All enrolled and dues paying club members ages 14-18 (as of January 1st the year the trip takes place) from all counties and Baltimore City are eligible to submit an application and portfolio packet (see instructions below) for any of the following national leadership trips.  To be considered for a Leadership Trip, a 4-H member must complete a portfolio package which includes an application, 4-H resume, essay and interview.

National 4-H Conference Application (Link)     

Download, fill out, save and submit to your county 4-H educator for review and approval.  County 4-H Educator will submit approved application/portfolio packages to the portal.

Due October 15th- Counties may set earlier deadlines, check with your county 4-H educator. 

Interviews will be held on the 2nd Sunday in November at the Maryland 4-H Center in College Park.  Participants may participate in-person or virtually (video conferencing). 

Leadership Trips Application (Link)

(National 4-H Congress, Camp Miniwanca, Virginia 4-H Congress and West Virginia Older 4-H Members Conference)- Download, fill out, save and submit to your county 4-H educator for review and approval.  County 4-H Educator will submit approved application/portfolio packages to the portal.

Due January 15th- Counties may set earlier deadlines, check with your county 4-H educator.

Senior Portfolios

A senior portfolio is a requirement to apply for a Leadership Trips, but it is also an excellent way to develop the skills you need for the “world of work” and college readiness.  The senior portfolio includes preparing a 4-H Resume, expressing and promoting yourself in a personal Essay, and practicing your communication skills and sharing your passion through the Interview Process.  Contact your local 4-H Educator for assistance or to get in contact with a fellow 4-H’er to serve as a mentor. 

An overview of the Leadership Trip criteria and process can be found by clicking on the link for the Portfolio Program.

A video of the Portfolio Process can be found by clicking on either of the links below:

Streaming Recording Link:


Download Recording Link:

Resume-  The 4-H resume is similar to a work resume, but should focus on Leadership, Citizenship and Life skills.  Information about the 4-H Resume can be found in the Portfolio Program document or in The 4-H Resume

View a sample of a 4-H Resume and the Resume Scoresheet to help prepare your resume. 

Essay- The personal essay should be no more than 2 pages and should answer the essay topic below.  Additional details and requirements for the essay can be found in the Portfolio Program document.

 Review the Essay Scoresheet to improve your essay.  

Essay Question for 2020 Leadership (formerly Out of State) Trips:

"Explain how you have developed life skills to help support your pledge to the 4 H’s (head, heart, hands and health) and how they have benefited your own development."

 Interview- Participants will need to take part in three part interview (see schedule for your specific trip) that will relate to the sections of your 4-H Resume (Citizenship, Leadership and Life Skills).  Interviewers will use standardized questions in three sections, but will not have access to your submitted resume or essay.  Be sure to be familiar with what you included in your resume and essay in order to promote yourself in your interview.  Interviewers will work in teams of two and are 4-H friendly. 

Review the Interview Score Sheets to prepare for your interviews. 

Review the Interview Tip Sheet to prepare for your interviews.


Leadership Trips- Maryland delegates for each of the following leadership trips are selected through the Portfolio Program described above.

National 4‑H Conference is the pinnacle experience in 4‑H Citizenship, providing the opportunity for young people to connect, learn, engage, lead and impact their communities, their nation and their world.  Conference is held at the National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD from April 6-11, 2019.  Portfolio Packets due by October 15th, 2018.

Additional information about this event can be found here:


National 4-H Congress is a five-day event that engages high school aged 4-H members in leadership, citizenship, global awareness, and inclusion.  Participants not only have the opportunity to participate in state-of-the-art educational workshops and hear from world-renowned speakers, they also have the opportunity to network with other 4-H members from across the United States.  Congress is held in Atlanta, GA from November 29-December 3, 2019.  

Portfolio Packets are due on January 15th, 2019.

Additional information about this event can be found here:


Camp Miniwanca: Camp Miniwanca is a leadership development camp that offers a week-long program aimed at developing character, leadership skills, personal and group effectiveness, and nurturing balance within your life. This trip takes place in June in Shelby, Michigan. Youth interested in attending Miniwanca are required to apply for the “I Dare You Award. “

Additional information about this event can be found here:

Virginia 4-H Congress: The Virginia 4-H Congress' mission is to provide competitive and non-competitive educational experiences to Virginia teens and the adults who work with them, helping them to develop life skills and leadership abilities to become contributing citizens in their communities. A commitment to serve as an at-large delegate to Maryland 4-H Teen Council for a year following the trip is encouraged. This trip takes place in June on the campus of Virginia Tech.

Additional information about this event can be found here:

 West Virginia Older 4-H Members Conference: The West Virginia Older Members Conference's mission is to develop leadership among older 4-H members by giving them an opportunity to participate in discussion of timely issues and problems, and teach new skills which can be used in their local clubs and communities. A commitment to serve as an at large delegate to Maryland 4-H Teen Council for a year following the trip is encouraged. This trip takes place in mid-June, normally the third week of June at West Virginia University, Jackson’s Mill State 4-H Camp.

Additional information about this event can be found here:


Diamond Clover Award Program  


Diamond Clover – Level 6 applications are due to the state 4-H Office by September 30th. Your county/city will need to review your proposal before you submit your proposal to the PORTAL below.  After your Educator approves your proposal, download all documents, fill in all information, then upload them to the Portal below.  

Level Six Service Learning Project Proposal Form (Word Version HERE) - This is your planning document and your proposal form.


Submit PROPOSAL Documents to this portal ONLY. Final project reports are to be submitted to the portal below. ALL documents must be uploaded into the PORTAL to be considered submitted.   If you are having problems uploading, please consult your County/City 4-H Office for assistance.

Separate Diamond Clover Level 6 into 2 boxes. 1st box is for Proposals and 2nd box is for Final Reports


Diamond Clover- Level 6 Final PROJECT Reports

Once you have completed your approved Diamond Clover Project and you have received all appropriate signatures, submit your Diamond Clover level 6 report and support materials by September 30th in the Portal link below.


Diamond Clover Level 6 Final Report Requirements:  

1. Level Six Diamond Clover Final Report Part 1 and Part 2- completed and signed forms

2. Summary – 2-4 page summary of your project (you can update the content from your proposal and also include what you learned and accomplished, what you would change, any challenges you faced and how you overcame them, the plan for sustainability, etc.)

3. Photos – any photos that document your project

4. Public Relations – social media, snapshots, newspaper/newsletter articles, or other sources that document your project

5. MD 4-H Gala Write-up – a synopsis of your overall project that will be read (2 minutes or less) at the MD 4-H Gala

6. Time Log – A final chart showing the time you spent on each phase of the project (refer to proposal)

If appropriate guidelines are not followed, project will not be recognized. All dates must be observed to achieve recognition.

Maryland 4-H Scholarships

Each year Maryland education scholarships are awarded to current Maryland 4-H members or alumni(ae) who will be enrolled at an accredited college, university, or post high school vocational program in the fall of the year in which they apply.
Visit the Maryland 4-H Foundation website for more information and the scholarship application -  


What's New

4-H Portfolios

Portfolio packets are due for Out of State Trips - National 4-H Congress, Miniwanca, West Virginia and Virginia 4-H Congress on January 15th.  Please encourage your outstanding teens to submit their packet.  
We'd like to have every county and Baltimore City represented in our National 4-H Congress delegation, and this 4-H Portfolio packet is another step in the development of essential life skills.  Certainly our teens will benefit from preparing their Resumes, being able to express themselves will be highlighted not only in the Essay, but also during the Interview Process.  Help your teens develop these skills and be rewarded with an experience of a lifetime!!! 
Have your County Out of State Trip winners from past years return to a county-wide event and report on their experience as a representative of Maryland at National 4-H Congress, at Camp Miniwanca, at the West Virginia 4-H Older Members' Camp or at Virginia Congress.  They can share their value of this experience better and promote this Portfolio development to their peers!


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