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Volunteer Opportunities

Maryland 4-H Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers fill many valuable roles within the Maryland 4-H program in most, if not all, of our delivery modes including Chartered Clubs, Special Interest Groups, Short-Term Project Groups, Overnight and Day Camps, School Enrichment and After School Programming.  Without volunteers, Maryland 4-H would not be able to provide the variety of learning opportunities to the number of youth that we reach on an annual basis.  Thank you!

County 4-H Volunteer Roles

Each county program is different and roles may vary.  Contact your local extension office and speak with the 4-H Team to find out what opportunities are available in your county.  Typical volunteer roles include:

  • Club Organizational Leader
  • Project Leader
  • Activity Leader
  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Contest Judge
  • Workshop Presenter
  • Event Coordinator
  • Trip Chaperone

State 4-H Team and Leadership Trip Coach/Chaperones

The Maryland 4-H Program proudly supports a number of opportunities for youth that travel out of state to compete or participate at National Events.  Youth must qualify to participate in these trips either through a State Contest or State Portfolio Process.  Each of these trips is led by UME Volunteers and/or Faculty/Staff as a chaperone.  Some of these chaperone roles will also include coaching responsibilities, but all adults interested in serving as a team or trip chaperone may apply to serve, read on to find out how!

National Contest and Event opportunities supported by the Maryland 4-H Program and the Maryland 4-H Foundation:

  • Archery Team
  • Shotgun Team
  • Dairy Judging Team
  • Engineering Team
  • Horticulture Team
  • Horse Judging Team
  • Horse Communication Team
  • Horse Bowl Team
  • Hippology Team
  • Shotgun Team
  • Poultry Judging Team
  • Dairy Bowl Team
  • Livestock Judging Team
  • Livestock Skillathon Team
  • National 4-H Congress Delegation
  • National 4-H Conference Delegation


Chaperone Criteria- The application process for Team Chaperone positions will be conducted through 4-H Online.  All interested applicants MUST:

  • Be at least 21 years of age (preferably 25).
  • Be a certified UME 4-H Volunteer for at least 3 years.
  • Be currently enrolled as a volunteer in 4-H Online.
  • Agree to adhere to the Maryland 4-H Adult Code of Conduct and enforce the Maryland 4-H Youth Code of Conduct.
  • Complete the application by the deadline identified for the desired team trip (see below).
  • Be verified by their county 4-H Educator.

An interest/knowledge in the subject matter of the trip is preferred.  Organization and a desire to work with senior age 4-H members is a plus!


Applications due January 15th

    • Livestock Skillathon Coach
    • Horse Bowl Coach
    • Dairy Bowl Coach
    • Horse Hippology Coach
    • Horse Judging Coach
    • Horse Communications Coach
    • Shooting Sports Coach/Chaperone-Archery
    • Shooting Sports Coach/Chaperone-Shotgun
    • National 4-H Conference Chaperone


Applications due May 15th

    • Dairy Judging Coach
    • Livestock Judging Coach
    • Poultry Judging Coach
    • Engineering Coach
    • Horticulture Coach
    • National 4-H Congress Chaperone

Coach/Chaperone selection process includes:

  • Application- through 4-H Online
  • Verification- by county 4-H Educator
  • Screening and vetting- by State 4-H Office
  • Selection and appointment- by State 4-H Office
  • Appointment paperwork, orientation and training- by State 4-H Office

Questions?  Please contact the Maryland State 4-H Office at: 301-314-9070


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