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The Maryland 4-H Foundation provides opportunities for active 4-H clubs to apply for grants to support club work.  If you have questions regarding these grants please call Amanda Brown Clougherty at 301-314-7835 or email at

To apply for the grants below please visit the GRANTS page of the 4-H Foundation webpage.

Berlage Innovative 4-H Grant Program

Bruce and Donna Berlage are avid Maryland 4-H Program supporters who believe in the power of youth development. In recognition of this, they have established the innovative grants 4-H program to strengthen outreach and club programs. We are pleased to be able to provide financial support for our club programs.

  • A minimum of four (4) $250.00 grants will be awarded for either a service or outreach project in which 60% of the club members participate. Preference will be given to those who educate the community about 4-H or help “to make the best better” within the community or county.
  • The money will need to be used within 12 months of receiving the award. After project is completed clubs who receive grants are asked to send in a brief paragraph about their program/project and also pictures for publicity.
  • There is no limit on the number of years a club can apply. This grant will be awarded yearly.
  • For the calendar year the applications are to be postmarked/ or uploaded by November 1 and will be awarded by January 17.
  • Successful grant applications will be awarded at the Annual 4-H Gala, held Martin Luther King Sunday of each calendar year. A requirement of accepting check award is attendance at the gala by the club.

 Denise E. Frebertshauser - Camping & Environmental Science

  • Preference will be given to 4-H professionals and volunteers involved with:  4-H camp programing including training, scholarships and professional and staff development. Environmental and outdoor education 4-H program support and development.
  • Application for funding- Applications Due November 1
  •  Annual Awards of $500 - $1,000               
  • Awards will be given at the Annual Maryland 4-H Gala held each January. The funds are to be used each calendar year.
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