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Fundraising is one of the major ways to help 4-H clubs financially support their activities. By raising funds as a group, a club can help to make sure its activities are affordable for all club members.

The 4-H Youth Development Program is a non-profit educational organization. Therefore, your club should be concerned with money only to the extent that it is needed to provide supplies or cover expenses incurred in running an active group for youth.

Unless the club has a special long term goal, each year it should only raise enough money to provide funds to support that year’s activities. Fundraising is a means to having a successful club, and should neither become the club’s primary activity nor a measure of a club’s success.

If you plan to start a fundraising activity please contact your local office to obtain permission and guidance on the process.

(See worksheet provided by NJ as Reference for process)

National 4-H Headquarter, NIFA, USDA FACT SHEETS

Maryland 4-H Statement on Raffles, Lotteries, and Games of Chance (link to handout)

It is not the intent of the Maryland 4-H Youth Development Program to forbid all raffles by 4-H clubs/groups authorized to use the 4-H name and emblem. The most important qualifier to determine if such a 4-H club/group should conduct a fundraiser is the statement, “Never let fundraising lower the status or prestige of 4-H. Wholesome educational purpose for funds and wise use of them are the most important guiding principles.” The local societal acceptance of raffles in given communities should be considered into decisions about a raffle as a fund raiser. The Maryland 4-H Youth Development Program does feel strongly that 4-H members themselves should never be involved in selling tickets or conducting raffles or games of chance. Should an authorized 4-H club/group choose to conduct a raffle the coordination and selling of the tickets should only be done by adults involved in the program. 4-H clubs/groups that plan to conduct raffles or bingo must comply with state/local regulations and obtain appropriate licenses and permits. Full details of gaming rules and guidelines as well as county by county regulations can be found at:

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