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MD 4-H Horsemanship Standards Examiner Testings


Description | Testing Information

The objective of the Maryland 4-H Horsemanship Standards Examiner Testing is to approve examiners in any of the Level 4-6 Horsemanship Standards tracks, including Knowledge, English Riding, English Jumping, and Western Riding. Examiners may choose to be tested for any and/or all tracks. Examiners will be evaluated by a panel of three individuals using set evaluation criteria for that specific level. Evaluation criteria will be posted on the Maryland 4-H Horsemanship Standards website. Examiners must have completed Knowledge and Riding Levels of the previous level in order to be eligible to participate in this testing. Enrollment may be limited on a first come first serve and may be dependent on the amount of riders/youth available.

Any 4-H members that are eligible and willing to complete any riding tracks (English Riding, English Jumping, and/or Western Riding) are encouraged to participate. This will serve as a great opportunity for 4-H member to see what a higher level testing will be like.


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