University of Maryland Extension

History of Maryland 4-H



Corn and potato clubs were promoted by various agencies in Maryland prior to the establishment of the Extension services, but had their definite organizational development in Maryland with the appointment of State Boys Club Agent, Reuben Brigham on June 1, 1915. The first year of these camps yielded 101 members (boys) that carried projects to competition. 93 boys produced 7,059.79 bushels of corn, and 8 boys 274.32 bushels of potatoes. Between 1915-1916, more county agents were appointed and enrollment increased 300 percent. Other projects were added, and many improvements in methods and practices began a steady forward movement. In the second year, club winners from Eastern shore were taken on a trip Western MD, and Western MD winners to Eastern Shore with the backing from the Baltimore Sun and public citizens. This was one of the most valuable achievements of club officials and thus bought attention of club work to the city and counties of MD as an established organization under the supervision of the Extension services. 

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