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Teen Resources


Is a part of every 4-H
4-H member is involved in at least one of the more than 200 projects offered in Maryland. 4-H’ers will spend approximately half their time in each project learning the subject matter to which the project relates, and the other half in leadership development, citizenship development, career education and preparation for the workforce

4-H Leadership Projects

4-H projects are planned experiences in which youth develop knowledge, attitudes, skills, and aspirations related to a specific topic. The Maryland 4-H leadership curriculum currently includes projects which are being updated, and new leadership projects are in development.

4-H Club Officer And Committee Systems

4-H is a group experience in which members gain leadership knowledge, aspiration, skills, and attitudes through real-life responsibilities as officers and committee members. Resources and training are available the University of Maryland 4-H Youth Development program to maintain and strengthen officer and committee systems.

4-H Camp Counselor Opportunities

Teens develop advanced leadership abilities by serving as 4-H camp counselors, as peer helpers, and in other capacities.

4-H Teen Board Members

By serving on local, state, and national 4-H boards, and by representing 4-H on the boards of partner organizations, 4-H teens gain real-life leadership experiences. Resources and training are available from the University of Maryland 4-H Youth Development program maintain and strengthen 4-H teen boardsmanship and governance opportunities.

National & International 4-H Leadership

Teens represent Maryland 4-H through many national and international leadership opportunities each year. Maryland 4-H professionals and volunteers work with these teens to prepare them for success before, during, and after their experiences.

Maryland 4-H State Council 

Maryland 4-H State Council is a group of teen leaders working to "Make the Best Better" through leadership and civic engagement in their communities, counties, and state.  Council membership is open to all Maryland 4-Hers ages 13-18, and each county/city 4-H Unit is urged to have at least one representative to the 4-H State Council.  The Council is comprised of four committees that direct the Council's activities & events:  Planning & Outreach, Public Issues, Public Relations, and Service.   The State Council actively participates in public education about a chosen youth issue at Maryland Day and the Maryland State Fair, and plans and leads local and statewide 4-H activities in observance of National 4-H Week.  The State Council plans and hosts Maryland's signature teen leadership event, the Maryland 4-H Congress, on the University of Maryland campus in the summer.  Application for State 4-H Council is made in November for the coming year; teens elected to State Council serve one-year terms and must re-apply for membership each year. 

Maryland 4-H Congress

Maryland 4-H Congress is the state's premier teen leadership opportunity.  Held on the University of Maryland, "M4HC" gives 4-Hers ages 13-18 the opportunity to explore career opportunities in a variety of areas and to experience life on a college campus.  Youth attending Maryland 4-H Congress live in campus residence halls and eat in dining halls, enjoy campus recreational activities, and attend workshops and tours in campus classrooms, labs, and facilities.  Participants have the chance to meet and make friends with fellow 4-Hers from across the state, discover career opportunities, perform community service, and learn skills that help them prepare for college and workforce readiness.  Registration for Maryland 4-H Congress occurs in late spring and the event is held in the summer.


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