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Leadership Events

Leadership Events:

Bowl Teams 

4-H provides numerous opportunities for members to focus on a specific subject while having fun competing on a bowl team.  4-H bowls are patterned after "College Bowl" and "It's Academic" television shows.  Most bowl teams compete with others their same age.  There are usually five members on a bowl team with four competing and one as an alternate.  Typically county winners advance to regional contests and regional winners advance to state contests.  There are currently bowl contests for nutrition, horses, livestock and dogs.

Citizenship Washington Focus

Is a national 4-H event held at the National 4-H Center during June and July.  This excellent week  long event is open to high school age youth, not just 4-H'ers.  Those attending CWF will increase their leadership skills, gain a much broader understanding of citizenship, learn a great deal about their nation's capitol and the federal government and have 4-H Council's Web Page at:

Club Officers 

4-H clubs elect a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and reporter.  Other officers, who may be elected or appointed, can include: committee chairs (program, telephone, health, safety and conservation, etc), song leaders, game leaders and sergeant of arms.  Officers usually serve for one year. 

Exchange, Interstate

This is a popular activity for older 4-H'ers and adults.   Maryland counties who are interested in an exchange will respond and begin the process of planning dates, activities, etc.  Maryland usually receives many requests for exchanges because of our proximity to Washington, DC, the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.  A typical exchange involves 8 to 12 teens and

two or more adults who visit another state one summer, staying in the homes of host 4-H families for about a week and then hosting the 4-H'ers they stayed with the following summer.  In some cases, both ends of the exchange take place the same summer. 


The International Four-H Youth Exchange (the "F" originally stood for farm) provides an opportunity for 4-H'ers from around the world to visit another country to learn about other lifestyles and cultures and to spread goodwill and understanding.  There are several different options and various lengths of stay with six weeks to six months being common. 

National 4-H Conference

This event is held at the National 4-H Center in the spring and is attended by some of the top 4-H'ers in the nation.  At National 4-H Conference, teen delegates take the lead by serving on consulting groups to make recommendations for future d Activities include a visit to Capitol Hill and a meeting with their senator or representative.

State 4-H Leaders Association

This volunteer’s association provides an for volunteer leaders from all over the state to network and share successful ideas.  The group provides and supports statewide volunteer training and serves in an advisory capacity to the State 4-H Leader and State 4-H Specialists. Membership will be open to all adult 4-H volunteers. 

Maryland 4-H State Council 

Maryland 4-H State Council is a group of teen leaders working to "Make the Best Better" through leadership and civic engagement in their communities, counties, and state.  Council membership is open to all Maryland 4-Hers ages 13-18, and each county/city 4-H Unit is urged to have at least one representative to the 4-H State Council.  The Council is comprised of four committees that direct the Council's activities & events:  Planning & Outreach, Public Issues, Public Relations, and Service.   The State Council actively participates in public education about a chosen youth issue at Maryland Day and the Maryland State Fair, and plans and leads local and statewide 4-H activities in observance of National 4-H Week.  The State Council plans and hosts Maryland's signature teen leadership event, the Maryland 4-H Congress, on the University of Maryland campus in the summer.  Application for State 4-H Council is made in November for the coming year; teens elected to State Council serve one-year terms and must re-apply for membership each year. 

Maryland 4-H Congress

Maryland 4-H Congress is the state's premier teen leadership opportunity.  Held on the University of Maryland, "M4HC" gives 4-Hers ages 13-18 the opportunity to explore career opportunities in a variety of areas and to experience life on a college campus.  Youth attending Maryland 4-H Congress live in campus residence halls and eat in dining halls, enjoy campus recreational activities, and attend workshops and tours in campus classrooms, labs, and facilities.  Participants have the chance to meet and make friends with fellow 4-Hers from across the state, discover career opportunities, perform community service, and learn skills that help them prepare for college and workforce readiness.  Registration for Maryland 4-H Congress occurs in late spring and the event is held in the summer.

Wonders of Washington (WOW)

National 4-H Council provides this "ultimate Washington experience" for youth groups (students in grades 6 - 12) of 25 or more.  Two and six day programs are available.  Lodging is provided at the National 4-H Center.  WOW includes field trips and workshops that highlight the historical, political and cultural attractions of Washington, DC.  Call National 4-H Council at 1 800 368-7432 for more information.

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