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States’ 4-H Exchange Summer Inbound Program– Hosting Japanese Youth in the United States

A homestay-based experience that brings the world to your family and community


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The focus on States’ 4-H International Exchange is global citizenship and better world understanding, achieved in part through the lasting friendships that are developed. Hosting is a priceless educational experience that better prepares youth and their host siblings for life in a global society.

Since 1972, more than 48,000 families in North America have hosted international youth during short summer stays. The Japan program links 4-H with three well-respected organizations in Japan: Labo, LEX and Utrek.

Japanese delegates come for one-month homestays from the third week of July to the third week of August.

Opening Your Home and Your Hearts

The delegates are going to be as different as all the families hosting, but they will be eager to share your family’s culture! You don’t need to plan extra activities and excursions, they are here to participate as part of your family in your typical summer activities– and this certainly includes 4-H Camp!  In all your activities and at home you treat your delegate as another child in your family, so don’t be afraid to have them help muck stalls or help make dinner.  You don’t need to be involved in 4-H to host.

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Creativity is Key!

As this is 4-H, learning is key–  Most delegates have limited English language skills, but they are excited to communicate and learn! At your family orientation you will be given a language guide book as well as tools to make this a successful experience (bilingual flashcards for the toilet, stove, etc. and a phrasebook). Many families have had success with downloadable translation apps.

There are also opportunities to host adult chaperones for 2-4 weeks. Families who host chaperones are not required to have children in the home.

Japanese Delegates 

The delegates range in ages, with most being between 12 and 16 years old. They are coming for the full hands-on American family experience, and will be matched by the Maryland 4-H State office.  They will be matched based on the host sibling’s age and gender and shared interests. Before they arrive in the USA they will have studied English and American culture, with this trip being a big part of their experiential learning.  If you host you will likely receive emails, letters, photos and videos from your delegate to learn more about them before you host! They will be accompanied by an English-speaking chaperone as a point of reference and support.

Partner Organizations:

State’s 4-H Exchange(link is external)

LABO(link is external)





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