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Animal Science Program Guide Book

Welcome to the Animal Science Program Guide Book. The Maryland 4-H Animal Science Program Guidebook is a continually evolving collection of information sheets related to 4-H Animal Science projects, events, activities and programs.

Index of Topics

General Overview

4-H Membership Guidelines Related to Animal Projects

4-H Online Animal Husbandry and Quality Assurance (AH&QA) Program

Animal Ownership

Animal Leasing Programs

Animal Identification

Animal Care & Management 

Animal Science Projects Curriculum

Animal Science Project Records

Maryland 4-H Teen and Volunteer Forum4-H Animal Science Training Opportunities for Youth and Volunteers

Competitive Events:  Judging / Bowls / Skillathons / Hippology Contests

  • Art and Communications Contests

4-H Animal Fairs and Shows

Maryland 4-H Animal Science Advisory Boards

Ideas for New Guidebook Topics?

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