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2011 Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup and All American QH Congress Results for Maryland 4-H State Teams


Date: Round-Up: November 5-6, 2011
Congress: October 17-20, 2011
Location: Round-Up: Louisville, KY
Congress: Columbus, OH

Horse Bowl:
Team Members: Zoe Chapelle (Washington), Cyndi Koster (Howard), Alyssa Sumpter (Howard), and Kristen Wiest (Montgomery) 
Coach: Dr. Al Starr (Howard)

Team Placing: 2nd Place Overall 

Individual Placings:
Cyndi Koster: 7th place Individual
Zoe Chapelle: 8th place Individual 

QH Congress:
Team Placing: 11th Overall

Individual Placings:
Alyssa Sumpter- 9th Place Individual

Horse Judging:
Team Members: Tori Fromm (Carroll), Beth Lemmon (Howard), Olivia Stibolt (Anne Arundel), and Hannah Wolf (Carroll).
Coach: Sabrina Ginn (Cecil) 


Team Placing: Overall: 3rd Place
Halter Classes: 2nd Overall
Performance Classes: 6th Overall 
Oral reasons: 4th Overall

Individual Placings:
Beth Lemmon : 5th Individual Conformation, 3rd Individual Performance, 4th Individual Oral Reasons, 3rd Individual Overall 

Hannah Wolf1st Individual Conformation, 10th Individual Overall

QH Congress: 

Team Placings: 12th Place Team Overall
Halter: 9th Place Team 
Performance: 14th Place Team 
Reasons: 9th Place Team 

Individual Placings:
Beth Lemmon: 8th Place Individual Halter; 12th Place Individual Overall

Team Members: Sarah Baugher (Carroll), Jessica Dumsha (Anne Arundel), Jordan Massey (Frederick), and Kimberly Zulauf (Anne Arundel)
Coach: Darryll-Ann Buschling (Howard)


Team Placings: Judging Phase: 6th, 17th Place Team Overall 

QH Congress:

Team Placing: 19th Place Team Overall

Horse Communications:
Team Members: Shannon Scott (Carroll), Hannah Nusabum (Carroll), Leah Berry ( Anne Arundel), and Weber Stibolt (Anne Arundel). 
Coach: Janie Dell (Carroll)

Round- Up:

Team Demonstration: Weber Stibolt and Leah Berry, 2nd place

Public Speaking: Shannon Scott, 3rd place

Individual Presentation: Hannah Nusbaum, 9th place

QH Congress: 

Team Demonstration: Weber Stibolt and Leah Berry, 2nd place

Public Speaking: Shannon Scott, 8th place 

Individual Presentation: Hannah Nusbaum, 11th place 

Congratulations to all of the teams and coaches that participated in this year's competition!!       

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