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These and many other videos are available through our YouTube channel.

Category Video ID Name
WSE Webinars WSEB-15

Commercial Wood Energy Grants Available: Do You Have a Viable Project? (Webinar - 1 hour 15 minutes)

WSE Webinars WSEB-14

Learing How to Heat with Wood and Pellets: Stay Warm & Save $$$! (Webinar - 1 hour 35 minutes)

Tree Farm


Maryland Forests Association and Maryland Tree Farm Committee Joint Regional Meeting

WSE Webinars


Nature-based Forestry: The Pro Silva Movement in Europe (Webinar - 1 hour)

WSE Webinars


Ecosystem Services of Forest and Agricultural Lands of Maryland: A Survey of Maryland Tree Farm Owners and Agricultural Landowners (Webinar - 1 hour 15 minutes)

WSE Webinars


Best Practices in Wood and Pellet Stove Incentive Programs (Webinar - 1 hour)

WESE Webinars


Status of Emerald Ash Borer in Maryland for Woodland Owners, Urban, and Suburban Areas (Webinar -1 hour 20 mins)



From Turf to Trees: Converting Lawn to Forest



Biltmore Stick



Enterprise Introduction



Fee Fishing Enterprise



Shooting Enterprise (Fee Hunting, Sporting Clays, etc.)

Enterprise FSEV-004

Bed and Breakfast

Enterprise FSEV-005 Growing Shiitake Mushrooms
Enterprise FSEV-006 Logging
Enterprise FSEV-007 Woodworking
Enterprise FSEV-008 Portable Sawmill
Enterprise FSEV-009 Starting Your Business

Also available through YouTube:

Small-scale Management Options for Woodland Owners, presented by Cornell University Extension ForestConnect Webinar (1 hr. 10 minutes):  Observations and experiences related to the applicability of methods used on small parcels of land related to habitat enhancement and woodland management.

The Future of Oak Forests: Ecology, Management, and Regeneration, presented by Ohio State University Extension ForestConnect Webinar (1 hr. 14 minutes): Explores the ecological and economic importance of oak, the challenges of oak regeneration, and examples of collaborative efforts in Ohio that can be used across the region.

Intro to Urban Forestry - Science, Technology, & Real Life Experiences, presented by University of Maryland - Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, examines students' experiences in learning about the value of urban forests and green infrastructure.

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