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Estate Planning for Farm Families All people who own real or personal property should engage in estate planning. Estate planning is particularly essential for those farmers whos real estate property values have increased dramatically because of urbanization.
Small-Acreage Foresters Directory As the population of Maryland has grown, many larger parcels of land have been parceled into properties ranging in size from 1 to 10 acres, with a mix of woodland and open land. However, property owners who have one to ten acres often have special challenges in finding professional services for their woodlands.
Saving Your Soil and the Chesapeake Bay The topsoil on your property is a valuable resource and the foundation for a healthy landscape. Loss of soil through erosion can mean trouble, not only for your landscape, but for local streams and rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. If you are losing soil from your property, there are several things you can do to stop it.
Developing a Fee-Fishing Enterprise: An Opportunity in Recreational Tourism Fishing is a popular recreational pastime in the United States. As the demand for public fishing opportunites increases, landowners might consider providing a quality fishing experience on private land. This fact sheet provides the landowner with information to begin the business evaluation process in beginning a fee-fishing enterprise.
Alternative Income Enterprises - Resource List If you are a Maryland landowner who wants to generate income from your woodland or farmland while maintaining the long-term conserveation of the property, conside starting an alternative income enterprise that utilizes your natural resources. Many alternative enterprises begin as hobbies and evolve into businesses after the owner gains knowledge about marketing, production, and profitability.
Use of Dogs Contained within Off-Limits Crop Protection System for Reducing Deer Damage to Orchards and Horticultural Crops Deer damage to apple trees in commercial orchards is a major problem for growers in Maryland and surrounding states.
Tax and Estate Planning for Maryland Forest Landowners Forest landowners in Maryland can increase the financial returns of their forest stewardship efforts by minimizing property, income, and estate taxes. This fact sheet describes several laws and programs that enable forest landowners to decrease their tax liabilities.
Landowner Liability and Recreational Access The increasing interest of the general public in outdoor recreation activities, the limited amount of public land available, and increasing development of open space have created greater pressure on private rural land for recreation. Private landowners in Maryland will benefit from understanding the laws relating to landowner liability and trespass, and the safeguards


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