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Ho, Ho, Ho—Handling Crabby Customers this Holiday Season Mastering Marketing - November 2018Unreasonable customers are always a pain, but they're especially prevalent and stressful during the holiday shopping rush. To help you cope with difficult shoppers this holiday season, consider these seven tips from customer-service experts.
Making the Most of Your Time — Be Effective Mastering Marketing - May 2018In the opening session of a recent Annie’s Project Class I coordinated, we addressed the topic “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Farm Women.” It was a take-off modeled on Steven Covey’s (1992) book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” In his book, Covey highlights the seven habits of great managers.
Maryland Consulting & Industrial Foresters Directory A professional forester can help landowners make informed decisions that will enhance forest stewardship.
Selling On-line, a 24/7 Opportunity Mastering Marketing - February 2017
Heating with Wood (FS-926) Wood is a plentiful and accessible fuel for many Marylanders. Wood burns relatively clean and comes from a renewable resource —the rural or urban forest. Coal and oil supplies are limited, are not renewable, and the cost of these fuels continue to increase. Heating costs consume a significant percentage of earnings of low‐ to moderate‐income families.
Tax and Estate Planning for Maryland Forest Landowners (FS-630) Forest landowners in Maryland can increase the financial returns ofn their forest stewardship efforts by minimizing property, income, and estate taxes. This fact sheet describes several laws and programs that enable forest landowners to decrease their tax liabilities.
Directory of Maryland Firewood Dealers (FS-941) This directory was developed from a January 2013 survey of firewood dealers that serve Maryland residents.
Small Acreage Foresters Directory As the population of Maryland has grown, many larger parcels of land have been parceled into properties ranging in size from 1 to 10 acres, with a mix of woodland and open land. However, property owners who have these properties often have special challenges in finding professional services for their woodlands.
Wildlife Management: Bobwhite Quail Wildlife management has made significant advances in understanding the habitat needs of the Bobwhite Quail. This fact sheet presents information related to efficient quail management for sportsmen and for property owners.
Simplifying Solar: Homeowner Primer to Residential Solar Installation Across the United States and much of the world solar energy generation is growing. Concerns about environmental impact, energy independence, and improvements in solar technology all play a part in this growth. Additionally, state and federal incentives increase the economic viability of solar energy.
Wildlife Management: Cottontail Rabbits Eastern Cottontail Rabbits are among the most common mammals in Maryland and one of the easiest to manage, This fact sheet explains the characteristics of the cottontail and procedures for managing the species.
Taxes and Land Preservation: Computing the Capital Gains Tax Many farmers have their wealth tied up in their land and would like to convert some this land value into cash. Others want to ensure that their lands stays farmland forever. Some farmers wand to preserve their property's characteristics and amenities. Others want to make it more affordable for their children to buy the land.


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