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Install a Pet Waste Station

Scoop the Poop!

When disposed of improperly, pet waste can be a source of water pollution because it contains diseases and bacteria. When precipitation falls on pet waste, bacteria and diseases are picked up and carried to local waterways and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. The pollution caused by unscooped pet waste affects both wildlife and humans – diseases associated with pet waste can cause illness and even death in people with weakened immune systems.

Scooping pets’ waste reduces the opportunity for the spread of waterborne disease and bacteria and helps to beautify parks and our neighborhoods.

What is a pet waste station?

A pet waste station provides the waste bags and container necessary to remove and dispose of the pet waste from the surrounding area. Dog owners are more likely to clean up after their pet with a pet waste station nearby. In addition to its function, a pet waste station’s signage and presence communicates the community’s desire for a healthy, clean open space and watershed.

Pet Waste Station Fact Sheet

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