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Air Pollution Effects on Vegetables

May 2007  The burning of coal and other fossil fuels gives rise to various chemical pollutants such as SO 2 (sulfur dioxide), NOx (nitrogen oxides such as nitrite, nitrate, etc.), O3 (ozone) as well as a variety of other hydrocarbons. Ozone and peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) produced in these reactions...

Reducing Nitrogen Applications in Watermelon While Maintaining or Increasing Yields

2008 Objective: With the emphasis on reducing excess nutrients applied to Maryland vegetable fields, which will reduce nutrient movement into the Chesapeake Bay, this research examined supplying nitrogen to watermelon plants only when needed as determined by the plant’s nitrate content...

Tomato Ripening Problems and the Role of Potassium

August 2009 Over the last few months in our area there have appeared problems with tomato ripening. The ripening problems are called various names such as blotchy ripening, yellow shoulder, grey wall, internal whitening, etc (Fig 1). They all have the same root cause; lower levels of potassium (K...


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