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Squash Vine Borers and Squash Bugs Very Active This Year

Squash Vine Borer larvae in stem
July 2014 On several farms I have visited lately with squash I was surprised to see several wilted plants (Fig. 1) that upon further inspection had squash vine borers. Some of these squash plants were pretty young with the base of the plants being < ½ inch in diameter, but there was one small...

Double trouble: Squash Bug and Squash Beetle

squash beetle adult
Squash beetle adult If squash vine borer or bacterial wilt disease don’t take out your squash plants this summer you will probably be battling an old nemesis- squash bug- and may encounter a new pest- squash beetle. The squash bug is a “true bug” with a triangular thorax (middle insect segment) and...

New Invasive Pest Reported in Maryland: The European Pepper Moth

European Pepper Moth
July 2, 2013 Stanton Gill has identified a new invasive pest of ornamentals and vegetables in Maryland: the European pepper moth Duponchelia fovealis. The European pepper moth was found on petunia and geraniums from a wholesale greenhouse operation in Anne Arundel County in the last 10 days. The...
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