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Fall is the time to start managing nematodes

Plant root with galls from root knot nematode
Nematodes are a highly successful and diverse group of roundworms that have adapted to nearly every terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem; in fact, they are the most numerous multicellular animal species on earth. One tablespoon of soil can contain thousands of nematodes of many different species, each...

Southern Blight

Southern blight on sage
Photo: Southern blight on sage (More plant diseases) Southern blight is caused by the fungus Sclerotium rolfsii . This fungus can probably attack all herbaceous perennials. It is active only during hot weather, so plants can grow well in infested soil during most of the growing season and only...

Ivy Leaf Spot on English Ivy

Ivy leaf spot on English ivy
Photo: Ivy leaf spot on English Ivy (More plant diseases) The symptoms of fungal infection on English ivy include yellow-brown or black spots or blotches on the leaves. The spots may have a yellow ring or dark border around them however usually not as vivid as with bacterial infections. Initial...
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