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IPM: A Common Sense Approach to Managing Problems in Your Landscape (HG62)

Integrated pest management (IPM) represents a holistic ap- proach to pest control. IPM is part of a total community ecosystem approach to gardening which promotes good management and stewardship strategies. It involves an un- derstanding and careful examination of all factors (and their...

Japanese Maple Scale - Woody Ornamental Host Plants

Japanese maple scale (JMS), (Lopholeucaspis japonica Cockerell) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae), is a prolific pest of major concern to nursery crop producers and landscape managers in MD and the eastern United States. Japanese maple scale fact sheet - Life cycle and control (pdf)  

Summer stingers – Eastern yellowjackets, Vespula maculifrons

Recently, while mowing my lawn, I was jumped by a wicked band of furious yellowjackets that swarmed from their subterranean redoubt and delivered a couple of memorable stings to my ankle. As I danced away from the swirling storm, they sought retribution on my unfortunate lawnmower. Yellowjackets...
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