Farm to Door─Should You Offer a Product Delivery Service?

Maier's Kew-Bee Bread Delivery Truck
Photo Credit: Alden Jewell - Maier's Kew-Bee Bread Truck by Boyertown Body Works Mastering Marketing - August 2017 Meal kits and delivery services seem to be the current “hot button” trends in direct farm marketing. Food tech is big these days. Blue Apron and the Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods...

Christmas in July─Getting Your Social Media Marketing into Holiday Mode

cell phone laying over a computer keyboard; image on phone has social media icons
Mastering Marketing - July 2017 With July temperatures approaching triple digits, it’s hard to start thinking about holiday marketing plans. For many that would be the Christmas season but, for direct farm marketers, the “holidays” encompass the Labor Day weekend, a six-week period in the Fall that...

Food Preferences and Purchasing Trends─Getting Out Ahead of the Curve

Food Trends
Mastering Marketing - June 2017 During a recent webinar that I led addressing vending at Farmers’ Markets, a participant asked how to discover food trends and consumer purchasing preferences. While we discussed several resources for searching out “what’s hot and what’s not”, the real key to keeping...

NIche Marketing-Outside of the Box, but in the Black

The Mid-Atlantic Region, which Maryland anchors, is the 4th most populous region in the country. This offers tremendous direct-to- consumer markets as well as institutional markets such as schools, colleges, and governmental agencies. Direct marketing can give farmers a larger share of the food...

How Much Should I Spend on Marketing

Marketing and Budget
Mastering Marketing - May 2017 As I review more business plans and engage in entrepreneurial coaching sessions, I’m seeing more detailed marketing plans, engagement strategies, and attention to marketing materials. Those are all good business components. But, I almost never see a line item in their...

Selling On-line, a 24/7 Opportunity

on-line shopping, internet, produce, computer
Mastering Marketing - February 2017 The USDA’s first survey of Local Food Marketing Practices, conducted in 2015, found 167,009 U.S. farms sold $8.7 billion in edible food directly to consumers, retailers, institutions, and local distributors. Consumers accounted for 35 percent of these direct food...

Results of First Local Food Marketing Practices Survey Released

Farm Scene
Mastering Marketing - January 2017 Just before Christmas, the USDA released the results of its first Local Food Marketing Practices Survey. The survey asked about the marketing of food directly from farm producers directly to consumers, retailers, institutions, and a variety of local food...

Marketing and Branding ─ Color it “SOLD”

Baby Carrots; Eat them like junk food
Mastering Marketing - November 2016 Color is present everywhere and in many places simultaneously. People make up their minds about people or products within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with them. About 62‐90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone. So, prudent use of colors...

Get Ready for the Holiday Sales Season Now

Catoctin Mountian Orchard Display
Mastering Marketing - September 2016 While the holiday season may seem a ways off, the line between when customers shop and when they take offense to holiday décor in stores is becoming a blurry one. The National Retail Federation reports that every year, about 40 percent of customers begin their...

Food for Profit

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016 -
9:00am to 4:00pm
University of Maryland Extension - Washington County Office
Have you ever been told that your favorite homemade bread, or salsa, is “good enough to sell?” Do you have additional fruit or vegetables from your farm or home garden that you would like to make into a commercial product? Food for Profit is a one-day workshop designed to help you work through the...


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