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Allium (Onion) Leafminer

The allium leafminer Phytomyza gymnostoma (also known as the onion leafminer) has recently been detected and confirmed from infested leeks in Lancaster County, PA. This is the first confirmed infestation in the Western Hemisphere. Host Plants and Damage Symptoms The allium leafminer has been...

Japanese Maple Scale: A Pest of Nursery and Landscape Trees and Shrubs (FS-967)

Unless Japanese Maple Scale (JMS) is monitored carefully and controlled early, populations of this armored scale can spread throughout a nursery or landscape to many species of woody plants and build up to levels that cause dieback and even death of infested plants.

Japanese Maple Scale - Woody Ornamental Host Plants

Japanese maple scale (JMS), (Lopholeucaspis japonica Cockerell) (Hemiptera: Diaspididae), is a prolific pest of major concern to nursery crop producers and landscape managers in MD and the eastern United States. Japanese maple scale fact sheet - Life cycle and control (pdf)  

Garlic Problems....Again

Garlic problems
May 9, 2013 Last year at about this same time, there were calls from growers about their garlic plantings turning yellow and wilting (fig. 1). When dug up, the bulbs were often times blackened and rotting with some or much of the basal plate or roots missing (fig. 2). The calls are coming in again...
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