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Summer brings the possibility of Phytophthora rot

Andrew Kness Extension Educator, Agriculture University of Maryland Extension, Harford County As summer rolls along, one disease issue that can affect a wide range of vegetable crops is Phytophthora rot. Staying ahead of this yield-robbing disease can help save you money. Phytophthora rot is caused...

Bacterial Blights of Lilac

bacterial blight on lilac
(More diseases of trees and shrubs) The most visible symptoms of bacterial blight on lilac are the blackening of new green shoots, leaves, and flower buds during rainy, mild spring weather. Older woody stems are rarely attacked. In Maryland, spring frost damage and late fall or winter pruning seem...

How Do You Decide When to Remove a Tree?

Back to Home & Garden Information Center home page Back to Selection, Purchasing, Planting, and Care When a tree develops problems, it is frequently difficult to decide when to remove it. Many factors such as the cost of tree work and even sometimes emotional ties to the tree can come into play...
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