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IPM Series: Azaleas and Rhododendrons (HG51)

Symptoms Possible Causes Notes Leaf Yellowing Older Leaf Drop Towards interior of plant High Soil pH Nutrient Deficiency Iron or magnesium chlorosis Azalea Bark Scale Leaves may also have sooty mold (black coating) Azalea Leaf Rust Brightly colored, yellow-orange spots Leaf Stippling Lace Bugs...

Featured Plants - Swamp Azalea 'Delaware Blue'

Swamp Azalea 'Delaware Blue' - Photo by Ellen Nibali
Rhododendron viscosum ‘Delaware Blue’ When typical azaleas and rhododendrons finish blooming, our native azaleas begin. There are several species of these deciduous azaleas, and they come into flower at a time when shrub bloom is scarce. One of their best qualities is rich fragrance. Swamp azalea,...
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